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Quinnipiac and CWU NIRA Final at West Point

Quinnipiac Women won their second straight NIRA championship beating favorite Central Washington (9-3, 4-1 NIRA) 46-24 at the Anderson Rugby Complex at West Point, New York. The finals of this all Varsity programs featured the top four Women’s schools in the conference: ARMY (5-5, 2-4 NIRA), AIC (4-6, 4-5 NIRA), Central Washington, and Quinnipiac.

The score at the break was even at 17-17, but then Quinnipiac dominated the second half, scoring 29 points to their opponent’s seven.

The Central Washington Wildcats came into the tournament riding a seven-match winning streak with previous victories over the other three semi-final qualifiers. The Wildcats averaged over 50 points per game while ceding less than 30 during the streak.

The Quinnipiac (CT) Bobcats, led by head coach Becky Carlson, have now won their second NIRA tournament having beaten Army in 2015’s final. They finished the season at (11-1, 9-1 NIRA) for a well-deserved title.

(Photo and additional reporting from Kristine Carr)