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In July and August 1989, Pacific Coast Women toured New Zealand, making it the first ever territorial side sanctioned tour. The team would go 6-1, losing only the opening game to New Zealand (13-7), and winning the next six in a row against club and university fifteens.

In addition to this original sanctioning was the fact that it marked also the first New Zealand Women’s rugby match as a national team. It is surprising in 2017 to consider that the Black Ferns made their international debut twenty-eight years ago, considering the squad’s past decade plus dominance of Women’s fifteens and sevens. The game drew supportive media attention, and, in one sense launched the nascent Women’s rugby program in New Zealand.

But on that antipodal visit, the spotlight shined on the Grizzlies, who scored 188 points, ceding only 17 in the successful seven game tour. The strong side also registered five shutouts.

The results follow: (Tries scored four-points.)

  1. New Zealand 13 – Grizzlies 7
  2. Grizzlies 24 – Canterbury University 0
  3. Grizzlies 60 – Wellington Selects 4
  4. Grizzlies 23 – Frankton 0
  5. Grizzlies 22 – Ponsonby 0
  6. Grizzlies 42 – Otahuhu 0
  7. Grizzlies 10 – Auckland 0

Frank Boivert (BATS) served as coach.