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Canada Women easily defeated the USA 39-5 in Chula Vista, California, on Tuesday night, March 28. The match was tied at the break at 5-5 but Canada dominated the second half with a hat trick of tries from Tyson Beukeboom. The Canadians booked five tries in the second half.

The USA play looked ragged, and many times, seemed more to resemble sevens action than fifteens.

If Canada win the rematch scheduled for this Saturday in Chula Vista, they will tie the head-to-head competition between these nations at 18 apiece.

Televised for subscribers on The Rugby Channel at 6 p.m. ET -  April 1. 2017.

Canada, which lost to England in the 2014 Rugby World Cup finals, hopes to reach the gold medal game in 2017 in Ireland at the Women's RWC.