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Following the 2017 NSCRO Champions Cup National Championship at Infinity Park in Glendale, CO on 30 April 2017, Stephen Cohen, president of NSCRO, presented the following awards:
Most Valuable Player (best overall player during the event)
Clayton To, The Claremont Colleges

Heart & Soul Awards
NSCRO custom match ball is given to a player on each team who was been an inspiration and significant contributor to the club on and off the field. The match ball is signed by his teammates in appreciation of what he has meant to their club. The recipients were:
The Claremont Colleges – Frankie Reyis
Xavier University – Matt Flynn
Tufts University – Jed McKinney
Louisiana State University Alexandria – Eoin Keenan
Most Impressive Tackler Awards
A fit kit from NSCRO partner Impact Protection for a free custom mouthguard was presented to the player who tackled everything in sight. The recipients were:
The Claremont Colleges – Spencer Swensrud
Xavier University – Brett Moore
Tufts University – Henry Seidel
Louisiana State University Alexandria – Lukem Beaumont
NSCRO “All Championship XV”
NSCRO recognized the 15 "best" players by position. Each player received a custom NSCRO T-shirt courtesy of Rhino Rugby recognizing their selection. See the list below of the selected players.

1 - Prop Anthony Portelas,Louisiana State University Alexandria 2 - Hooker Omar Rodriguez The Claremont Colleges 3 - Prop Matt Flynn Xavier University 4 - 2nd Row Sean Pyne The Claremont Colleges 5 - 2nd RowNick Urban The Claremont Colleges 6 - Back Row Kadis Simmons Louisiana State University Alexandria 7 - Back Row Clayton ToThe Claremont Colleges 8 - Back RowJ acob Garrell Tufts University 9 - Scrum Half Rodrigo MejiasT he Claremont Colleges 10 - Flyhalf Brendan MacDonald The Claremont Colleges 11 - Wing Spencer Swensrud The Claremont Colleges 12 - Center Lukem Beaumont Louisiana State University Alexandria 13 - Center Shane Pico The Claremont Colleges 14 - Wing Gator Adams The Claremont Colleges 15 - FullBACK Danny Gresser Xavier University 

Trophies were also given to each of the teams, along with medals for each of the players on the top three finishing teams (gold – first place, silver – second place, bronze – third place). All teams were also provided gift certificates, courtesy of Rh