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The 2005 DI and DII Women’s club playoffs featured the largest number of teams competing for the title. The 2004 Rugby Magazine Directory listed 58 DI clubs, and 60 DII clubs, the latter group then not offering a year end tournament officially recognized by USA Rugby.

The goal in 2005 was to stage an event that would convince USA Rugby’s Competition Committee to schedule and sanction future DII Women’s Division Championships. Following the established DI format, the DII clubs formed four territories, Northeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and South

The basis for the decision was framed as “taxation without representation” since the DII clubs paid CIPP dues. Lori Staples, DII women’s rep for the Northeast RFU stated the DII clubs “…were lumped into every single women’s club in the country, under one umbrella.”

That DII 2005 tournament received excellent media coverage, particularly from Rugby Magazine’s 2005 issue, which devoted two-pages to the championship.

In late 2005, USA Rugby began an audit of all college and club championships, with an eye to dropping some that it deemed superfluous.

As the DII Women’s clubs awaited the sanctioning decision, they were determined that if USA Rugby did not give its stamp of approval, the Territorial Unions would continue to try to schedule a division spring championship event.