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The end of this year’s exciting HSBC World Rugby Men’s Sevens series produced the selection of a Dream Team of seven players. During the ten-event circuit, each contest generated its individual Dream Team and a Man of the Final recognition.

The 2016/2017 Dream Team features two Eagles, Perry Baker and Danny Barrett, another illustration of the success of this season’s fifth place Eagle squad.

Baker was also honored as the most prolific scorer with 57 tries.

South Africa, the champions, put two players on the list, Rosko Specman and Chris Dry.

Fiji produced two players, Kalione Nasoko and Jerry Tuwai

England’s Dan Norton, leading try scorer of all time, was the final name.

Rookie of the Year award went to Matias Osadczuk of Argentina.

Dates for the ten-events next year follow: (Importantly, Hamilton, New Zealand will replace Wellington, which drew few fans once the city lost the “party” feature.)

Dates 2017/2018 – HSBC World Rugby 7s Schedule

December 1,2              Dubai

December 9,10            Cape Town

January 26,28              Sydney

February 3,4                Hamilton (New)

March 2,3,4                 Las Vegas (9th time)

March 10,11                Vancouver (3rd time)

April 6,7,8                   Hong Kong (First event in 1974)

April 14,15                  British Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast, Australia

April 26,29                  Singapore (3rd time)

May 26, 27                  Paris (3rd time)

June 2,3                       London

July 20,21,211            Rugby 7s World Cup, San Francisco, Men and Women

Total Results All 18 Events

For years, Sevens were dominated by New Zealand in the 18-events. Data follow:

Team               First                 Second

New Zealand   12                    1

Fiji                         3                     5

South Africa     2                     7

Samoa               1                     0

England             0                     4

Australia           0                     1

Dream Team Photo Above

Second from left is USA Coach Mike Friday in for the absent (London) Danny Barrett.