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The famous eastern prep schools Andover and Exeter have been football rivals since 1878, the second oldest in the nation.  The great youth rugby rivalry is not back east but in Utah where Highland and United meet not only for bragging rights in the state but also often for the national U-19 championship.

In 2010, for the third consecutive year, these fifteens met for the U-19 title in local Rio Tinto Stadium. The match did not bode well for United, which had lost the past fourteen games to Highland, who were on route to gain their 20th national title.

The game began unexpectedly when United broke out to a 17-0 lead from the play of brothers Josh and Jared Whippy.  At the break, United still led by the 17-0 score.

Highland bounced back quickly in the second half, narrowing the score to 17-12. And, with fourteen-minutes remaining, the champions tied the contest at 17-17 with a try by flanker John Kacinski.

United regrouped, and, with time running out, a tap-penalty sent winger Brian Mehl into the corner. Whistle blew and United won 22-17 for their first national U-19 title.

Katy beat Belmont Shore 20-15 for third place.