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There were very few games in the college DI scene thanks in large part to the LAs Vegas 7s. Some east coast teams, however, did play conference games but the movement in the rankings was limited.

There were two games between ranked teams this weekend. St. Mary’s slammed UC-Davis 78-0 and continue to steamroll their way to the playoffs. 

Meanwhile, Arkansas State gave Lindenwood a tough go of it in the Mid South, falling 36-32 on the road. The Red Wolves move up four spots despite losing.

Cal remains at number two overall despite losing to the Canadian side UBC. Cal played a number of younger players on the road and the score reflected that.

The rest of the rankings remain unchanged.

Rankings2/22/18Recent Results
1St. Mary'sBeat UC-Davis 78-0
2CalLost to UBC 49-25
5LindenwoodBeat Arkansas State 36-32
6NavyBeat Norfolk RFC 41-0
7Penn StateIdle
8ArmyBeat Dartmouth 113-7
10Arkansas StateLost to Lindenwood 36-32
11Central WashingtonIdle
12Notre Dame CollegeIdle
15Grand CanyonIdle
16San Diego StateIdle
17Utah ValleyIdle
19Colorado StateIdle
21UC-DavisLost to St. Mary’s 78-0
23Ohio StateIdle
24Mary WashingtonIdle