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The 42nd Hong Kong Sevens will be played April 6, 7, and 8. The tournament, the largest congregation of sevens sides in the world, started in 1976 with but a few teams and a crowd of 3,000. In 2018, it will host 40-sides of women and men and attract a crowd of 120,000.

There are three distinct parts to this year's event:

Cathay Pacific/HSBC World Rugby Men's Tournament

The sixth tournament (out of ten) will continue the 2018 championship, currently led by South Africa (109) with Fiji (101) close behind. The season has witnessed five different nations winning the Gold Medal with Fiji the only side to win two-events. The USA stand in sixth place.

Since England's victory in 2006, all subsequent Cup victories have come from Fiji, New Zealand, and Samoa in 2010. The last five winners:

2017 - Fiji

2016 - Fiji

2015 - Fiji

2014 - New Zealand

2013 - Fiji

Pool A - NZ, Russia, Samoa, Fiji

Pool B - Kenya, Australia, Spain, Canada

Pool C - RSA, England, Scotland, S. Korea

Pool D - USA, Argentina, Wales, France

Cathay Pacific/HSBC World Rugby Men's 2018/2019 Qualifier

The circuit plays with fifteen core teams, and every year the lowest scoring nation is dropped. Hong Kong decides which new nation will advance into next season's core group. Three pools with four teams each will vie for the spot.

Pool E - Japan, Uganda, Chile, Georgia

Pool F - Papua New Guinea, Germany, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe

Pool G - Ireland, Uruguay, Jamaica, Cook Islands

Cathay Pacific/HSBC World Rugby Women's 2018/2019 Qualifier

Similar to the Men's qualification, Hong Kong also schedules a tournament to determine which women's team will join the 12-nation core group next season.

Pool A - RSA, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Mexico

Pool B - Brazil, China, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong

Pool C - Wales, Belgium, Argentina, Poland

(To view an interesting photo/informational and historical slideshow on the tournament since its 1976 inception, go to