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The final week of the DI regular season took place over the weekend with only a handful of teams playing. The rankings, as a result, did not change much.

The big game of the weekend was between the top two ranked teams. St. Mary’s hosted Cal and the Gaels came away with a 21-12 victory over the bears. The teams remain in the top two spots.

Central Washington hosted BYU and held the Cougars tough for a large portion of the game. The Wildcats ended up losing 38-22 but moved up one spot thanks to a close encounter.

Cal Poly defeated San Diego State to earn its way into the DIA playoffs. The Mustangs move up to number 15 and San Diego State drops to 18.

The rest of the rankings remain unchanged.

Rankings4/12/2018Recent Results
1St. Mary'sBeat Cal 21-12
2CalLost to St. Mary's 21-12
4BYUBeat Central Washington 38-22
6Penn StateIdle
8NavyBeat Delaware 41-29
10Notre Dame CollegeIdle
11Arkansas StateIdle
12Grand CanyonIdle
13Central WashingtonLost to BYU 38-22
15Cal PolyBeat San Diego State 29-22
17Utah ValleyIdle
18San Diego StateLost to Cal Poly 29-22
21UtahBeat Arizona State 46-5
22Colorado StateIdle
23Ohio StateIdle
25Mary WashingtonIdle