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Historically, Rugby Test matches played in the USA invariably fell under the American media radar unless that game included the All Blacks. But a Test with New Zealand scheduled this weekend in Denver has not raised even the smallest of blips.

Why no media coverage of a Kiwi versus England Test?

Because it's a Rugby League game, the first League international played in North America in 18-years.

The Rugby League International Challenge game will be Saturday, June 23 inside Denver's Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium, home of the NFL's Denver Broncos.

New Zealand, ranked second, and England, ranked third, will meet in a four-game Test series in 2018, the first game in Denver, the other three in England in October and November of this year.

Number one ranked is Australia as the Kangaroos beat England 6-0 winning the Rugby League World Cup title this year in Australia.

Of interest on the website announcing the game and offering tickets, is a timetable with the unusual mention of the time of the New Zealand haka (at 2:05 p.m. MT).

The match will be broadcast on the BBC to a United Kingdom audience.

The reason for scheduling this one off in the USA in 2018 is the fact the 2025 Rugby League World Cup will be played in Canadian and USA pro football or pro soccer stadiums, possibly here, in Houston, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.