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Ozsmanski in the middle

by Kent Oszmanski

I arrived at stadium late Friday evening surprised to see scalpers buying and selling tickets.  I decided to sell my ticket at a slight gain from original purchase price three months ago. 

After a couple of adult beverages in Pete’s Tavern, I got antsy to see USA Men play in final match of the day and attempted to enter through the SF Giants dugout flagship store. But I was quickly denied entrance.
So I watched the final four matches at The Polo Grounds Pub with a retired rugger and a group from the SOBsRFC, a social, touring side from British Columbia dressed as prisoners (Very appropriate since we were so close to Alcatraz).

Saturday - Ran into Mike Friday at my San Francisco Olympic Club lodging. I glanced inside the SF Chronicle newspaper's sports section, which had full coverage on USA Men's team’s first day success against Wales.  I rushed to the stadium with several meetings planned and a very busy day ahead of me (I am the Rhino Rugby Sales Manager).

On to Sunday and the finale.