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Solomon Okia, Uganda

The final two teams to qualify for 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan will reach some determination when the six-nation Africa Gold Cup continues over the next two weekends. The winner of this event becomes the Pool B Africa 1 entrant to play New Zealand, South Africa, and Italy.

The fifteen that finishes second in the Africa Gold Cup will become the fourth and last team to compete in the Repechage tournament, which already includes Canada, Hong Kong, and Germany. The winner of this event will also move into RWC 2019 Pool B as the fifth and last qualifier.

There is little doubt that Namibia, ranked 24th, will again triumph in the Africa Gold Cup after having won decisively against their first four opponents. They stand at 4-0 in the tournament table. Namibia’s last match will be against, Kenya, currently, 3-0, who will go 4-0 after their August 11th home game in Nairobi against Tunisia.

The Namibia v. Kenya game will take place August 18 in Windhoek, Namibia.

The Africa continent features three divisions:

Gold – Namibia (24), Kenya (28), Uganda (36), Morocco (43), Zimbabwe (45), and Tunisia

Silver – Ivory Coast (46), Madagascar (50), Senegal (55), Zambia (66), Botswana (74), Algeria

Bronze – Ghana (89), Rwanda (95), Lesotho, Mauritius.

The teams that finish last in the Gold and Silver Cups drop to a lower division, while the winners of the Silver and Bronze are promoted. The Cups are contested annually.