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Chenge from Kenya scores

This Saturday, August 18, sets up the showdown for the side that will qualify as Africa 1 in Pool A of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. Two unbeaten teams, Namibia and Kenya will face off in Windhoek, Namibia, on Saturday. The loser will be relegated to the four nation repechage tournament, which already numbers Canada, Hong Kong, and Germany.

Last week, Kenya thumped Tunisia 67-0 to remain unbeaten in the six team Africa Gold Cup, premier division. Uganda handed Morocco a 47-29 defeat and they will meet Zimbabwe this Saturday to determine who finishes third.

Namibia have been historically the second ranked team on the African continent behind South Africa. They have appeared in the past five World Cups, beginning in 1999. To date, they have yet to record a win, going 0-19 in pool play. They lost narrowly 17-16 to Georgia.

Their qualifying record to make it into these RWCs is 23-7-2, beating almost all the other tier-two and tier-three African competition.

Should Namibia win, Kenya will meet the other three repechage finalists, which would be a battle between four teams all ranked in the 20s per World Rugby.

Finally, Uganda has proved to be the most improved fifteen this season.