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The third and final tournament in Northern California before the Pacific North 7s Championships was on Saturday in San Francisco, Calif. at the SFGG 7s. With the qualifying teams to the conference championships already decided, the teams from Northern California used the SFGG 7s for preparation and seeding for the next weekend’s tournament. Life West swept both men’s and women’s divisions gaining valuable experience that will benefit all clubs in the future.

With the EPA Razorbacks playing elsewhere, Life West, the Olympic Club, and two all-star teams of the NorCal Pelicans, North and South, played a round robin and one round playoff. Conceding the No. 1 seed to Life West, the Olympic Club rested five of its starters in an effort to find out who can step up and earn a place on the game day 12 for next weekend.

Life West and the Pelicans North were the most impressive teams on the men’s side as each squad battled in two thrilling matches. The Pelicans North drew first blood defeating Life West, 19-12, during the early round games. With each team reaching the final, the score was notched at 19-19 with 20 seconds to go. Life West spun the ball to the corner and snatched the lead to win 24-19. Naima Fualaau turned in a standout performance for Life West all day.

The results of Saturday’s tournament have determined that the NorCal teams will be seeded as Life West, the Olympic Club, and then, the EPA Razorbacks. These three teams will join Pacific Northwest representatives, the Seattle Saracens and the Westside Ronin, next weekend at the Pacific North 7s Championships in San Francisco.

On the women’s side, San Jose, Life West, and the All Blues competed for seeding going into next weekend’s championship. The NorCal Pelicans side rounded out the field, but tournament ended with a rematch of the Silicon Valley 7s final earlier this month. After the All Blues beat Life West, 28-12, on July 9th, Life West blasted the All Blues, 33-0, on its way to the No.1 seed.

With Hawaii withdrawing from Nationals, three spots are open for the Pacific North. NorCal’s San Jose, Life West and the All Blues will face the Pacific Northwest’s ORSU and Seattle for the opportunity to go to Denver to represent the Pacific North.