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As 2012 comes to a close, we'll be running a series of Top 12 of 2012 lists, featuring some of the top photos, players, events and bits of news from the last year. RUGBYMag's official 2012 Awards are chronicled in our November issue.

Today we look at the top 12 No. 12s of 2012, taking players from the national, club and college ranks. The inside centers of the DI-A, Super League and men's DI club finalists all make the list, as does one very impressive young woman and the subject of one of the best comeback stories of 2012.

Katie Johnson is a thin, tall, lanky young player, but when injuries pushed the former U20s captain from the wing to the midfield, she was tremendous for the Twin Cities Amazons. She is the only female to make our list. She also helped the Youngbloodz to the semifinals at 7s Nationals. 

Jack Tracy did not play on the Belmont Shore 15s team that won Nationals in the spring, but he did play for the 7s National Champs in the summer and inside center for USA A at the Americas Rugby Championship. The former U20s stud and college football player made his triumphant return to rugby this year after struggling with substance abuse issues. He's now clean, a National Champion and back on the Eagle track.

Andrew Suniula took some criticism in 2011, as the Eagles struggled to get the ball wide and have a fully explosive backline attack. But in 2012, under new head coach Mike Tolkin, the Chicago Griffin flourished. Tolkin's game plan freed Suniula to make more plays, and he capitalized on the new opportunity.

Here are our top 12 No. 12s of 2012.

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