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Dartmouth proved themselves once again in the CRC, and while we're a little disappointed they didn't get to play Life, they did beat Arizona and Cal, who both defeated the Running Eagles.

Remember, this is 7s, and on any day anyone can beat anyone else. But Dartmouth plays an outstanding style of 7s that doesn't rely on luck, and doesn't rely on any one player.

Speaking of relying on players, would Arizona have beaten Dartmouth had Peter Tiberio and Trent Fisher not gotten injured? The rankings answer to that is the same as the answer to the question, would St. Mary's have beaten Central Washington had Bubba Jones not gotten injured? The question is moot, because that's not what happened. Dartmouth, in our opinion, would very likely have beaten the Wildcats regardless of injuries, but with Tiberio and Fisher on for Arizona, the game would certainly have been closer. BUt it didn't happen that way, and we can only go by the results.

What to do about Cal, Life and Arizona. Dartmouth edged Cal, who beat Life, but Arizona also beat Life, and lost to Dartmouth by a larger margin that Cal. Life, for their part, won two other major tournaments, and that factors in, as well. In the end, we look at all the teams that were so close to Life, and measure those games against the dubious meaning of a consolation 3rd/4th game. We think Cal can do better, and lump them in with all the other top contenders in the top 10. But despite Cal beating Life in the consolation, the Bears' body of work isn't enough to move them into the #2 spot. Life and Arizona share that, with Utah (LVI runners up) close behind. #5 may be harsh on Cal, but it's where they are.

Some day there will be a tournament including all of these teams. That will be something to see. Until then, we can only judge from head-to-head results, and from results against shared opponents.

We're happy with our #1, and confident the Top 10 is the Top 10, and the Top 25 is the Top 25. But a ranking up or down from there? Make your argument. 2011-2012 College 7s Rankings
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1 5 Dartmouth
2 1 Life
2 19 Arizona
4 2 Utah
5 13 Cal
6 4 Davenport
7 3 Arkansas State
8 7 Central Washington
9 8 St. Mary's
10 Unr Delaware
11 9 BYU
12 10 San Diego State
13 11 Kutztown
14 12 Miami (OH)
15 14 Colorado
16 15 UCLA
17 18 Cal Poly
18 16 Stony Brook
18 20 Tennessee
19 21 UC Davis
20 24 Texas A&M
21 Unr Florida
22 22 Navy
23 23 LSU
24 Unr Wisconsin
25 Unr Maryland