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No big shifts, although we drop North Park out after a big loss in the Pennsylvania playoffs. We have a lot of candidates to move in, and so choose none. It's a crowded place in the 30s.

Granite Bay makes a big move after their impressive NorCal title run.

We corrected an issue with Doylestown and Downingtown that was the result of some bad early info that stuck around in our system.

Who is truly better should come out in the wash soon.

We have, of course, the National Invitational this weekend (actually starting the day after this is released). That will tell us all a little bit more. We have reason to believe Cathedral is vulnerable, but they, like all the top teams, have not done anything to sully their standings as yet.

The BHSNIC features five of the top six, leaving out only Liberty of Washington state.

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RUGBYMag Boys HS Club Rankings May 15 2013
Crnt Prev Team Notes
1 1 Cathedral (Ind.) Idle
2 2 Colorado Springs (Colo.) Won Colorado
3 3 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.) Won Missouri over Park Hills South (SS13)
4 4 Liberty (Wash.) In Washington final
5 5 San Diego Mustangs (Calif.) Won SoCal over Santa Monica (27)
6 6 United (Utah) Idle
7 8 Chuckanut (Wash.) In Washington final
8 17 Granite Bay (Calif.) Defeated Islanders (12)
9 9 Union County (NC)
10 10 Charlotte Tigers (NC)
11 11 Westerville (Ohio)
12 13 Doylestown (Pa.) 66-12 over Phoenixville
13 7 Downingtown (Pa.) 77-0 over North Park (32)
14 14 West Shore United (Pa.) 54-0 over Hibernians
15 12 Islanders (Calif.) Lost to Granite Bay (17)
16 15 NOVA (Va.) 29-11 over Prince William
17 16 Red Mountain (Ariz.)
18 18 Tempe (Ariz.)
19 19 Aurora (Colo.)
20 20 Clark County (Ore.) 46-10 over Central Catholic
21 21 Marin Highlanders (Calif.)
22 22 Danville Oaks (Calif.)
23 23 Peninsula Green (Calif.)
24 24 SFGG (Calif.)
25 25 Naples (Fla.)
26 26 N. Clackamas (Ore.) 51-19 over Barbarians
27 27 Santa Monica (Calif.) Lost SoCal final to San Diego (5)
28 33 Brother Rice (Ill.) 40-19 over St. Ignatius (SS18)
29 34 Maryland Exiles (Md.) 51-5 over North Bay in semis
30 35 West End (Va.) 40-12 over Fort Hunt
31 29 Forest Hills (Mich.) 22-0 over Birmingham
32 28 Belmont Shore (Calif.)
33 30 Alliance (Tex.)
34 31 Union County (NJ)