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Jesuit HS of Sacramento remains ranked #1 in the 2013 Boys HS Top 25, presented by Selective Service.

With the season still young, there are few changes this time around. Southern California champs Wilson HS move up, while Torrey Pines jumps into the top 25 in place of Jupiter.

Shaw has started 3-0 in New Orleans and jumps into the Top 25 also.

2013 Boys HS Top 25
presented by Selective Service
Crnt (Prev) Team
1 1 Sacramento Jesuit (Calif.)
2 2 Xavier (NY)
3 3 Herriman (Utah)
4 4 Greenwich (Conn.)
5 5 Dixon (Calif.)
6 6 Penn (Ind.)
7 7 Gonzaga (DC)
8 8 Charlotte Catholic (NC)
9 9 St. Thomas (Texas)
10 17 Wilson HS (Calif.)
11 10 Snow Canyon (Utah)
12 11 Chapin (SC)
13 12 St. Edward's (Ohio)
14 13 St. Thomas Aquinas (Kan.)
15 14 Notre Dame de La Salette (Ill.)
16 Unr Torrey Pines (Calif.)
17 Unr Shaw (La.)
18 15 McQuaid (NY)
19 18 East HS (Colo.)
20 20 Capital HS, (Idaho)
21 21 Reynold Raiders (Ore.)
22 22 Edina (Minn.)
23 23 Greenville Red Raiders (SC)
24 25 Perry Street Pride (DC)
25 24 Cathedral (Calif.)