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It's crazy, although much of that can be blamed on the fact that High School Club teams are not U19 anymore - all players have to be in high school. That has obviously changed the status of some programs, as they don't have that one or two or three college freshmen available to them.

As a result, in top-level games between single-school and club teams, the single-school teams have, generally, won.

After much hemming and hawing and examination, we put Lamorinda, undefeated in NorCal and winners f Golden Gate, at #1. Cathedral, also unbeaten, is #2.

After that" Really it's anyone's guess. Any of the next 12 or so teams could be #1. Seriously. On April 11 Colorado Springs plays East HS. If Springs wins, they might be #1. If Herriman continues to win, they might be #1.

We ranked 35 teams, and it could have been more. Do you think we got it wrong? Email us here and set us straight. Boys HS Club Top 25 Apr 4 2012
1 Lamorinda (Calif.) Beat SFGG
2 Cathedral (Ind.) Still undefeated
3 Golden Gate (Calif.) Lost to Lamorinda
4 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.)
5 Westerville (Ohio)
6 Cherry Creek (Colo.) Beat Colorado Springs, lost to East HS
7 Colorado Springs (Colo.) Lost to Cherry Creek. Since then unbeaten
8 Herriman (Utah) Beat United, TRYBE
9 Red Mountain (Ariz.) Undefeated in league play
10 United (Utah) Lost to Snow Canyon, Herriman
11 Barbarians (Ore.) Unbeaten in league
12 Marin (Calif.) Unbeaten in league
13 TRYBE (Utah) Lost to Snow Canyon, Herriman
14 Naples (Fla.)
15 West Shore United (Pa.)
16 Bulls (Ore) Unbeaten in league
17 Chuckanut (Wash.) Unbeaten in league
18 Islanders (Calif.) Unbeaten in Sacramento league
19 Union County (NJ)
20 Granite Bay (Calif.) Lost to Islanders, beat everyone else
21 Charlotte Tigers (NC)
22 Back Bay (Calif.) Beat Belmont Shore
23 South Bay (Calif.) Close loss to Back bay
24 Liberty (Wash.) Close loss to Chuckanut
25 Tempe (Ariz.)
26 White Station (Tenn)
27 Plano (Tex)
28 Chapin (SC)
29 The Woodlands (Tex.)
30 Farragut (Tenn)
31 Alliance (Tex.)
32 Storm (Tenn)
33 Jenks (Okla)
34 Hilo Reign (HI)
35 South Doyle (Tenn)