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Highland Rugby is now TRYBE Rugby. Most of the same coaches, and most of the same players, but fewer (if any) overseas kids and few kids from surrounding schools.

TRYBE lost to Red Mountain (AKA Mesa) earlier this season and so are #5 at the moment.

The Charlotte Tigers are what used to be South Mcklenberg.

Colorado Springs lost to Cherry Creek, but we think Springs will rebound.

Belmont Shore isn't ranked because the bulk of their best players are U16, and if we ranked U16 teams, they might be #1.

Golden Gate is #2 after beating Jesuit. Cathedral is #3 after beating Xavier. Red Mountain, as we said before, is #4 after beating TRYBE.

If we missed you, let us know, we're just getting started. Boys HS Club Top 25 Mar 13 2012
1 United (Utah)
2 Golden Gate (Calif.)
3 Cathedral (Ind.)
4 Red Mountain (Ariz.)
5 TRYBE (Utah)
6 Cherry Creek (Colo.)
7 Colorado Springs (Colo.)
8 Marin (Calif.)
9 Barbarians (Ore.)
10 Westerville (Ohio)
11 West Shore United (Pa.)
12 Islanders (Calif.)
13 Chuckanut (Wash.)
14 Union County (NJ)
15 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.)
16 Eastside (Ore.)
17 The Woodlands (Tex.)
18 Naples (Fla.)
19 Alliance (Tex.)
20 Lamorinda (Calif.)
21 Charlotte Tigers (NC)
22 South Bay (Calif.)
23 Southside (Minn.)
24 Granite Bay (Calif.)
25 Liberty (Wash.)