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The latest edition of the High School Club Top 25 Presented by Selective Service sees plenty of changes. The top five don't move, as teams haven't played all that much, but several new teams jump into the rankings.

Top-ranked Cathedral beat two strong Ohio teams. KC Jr. Blues lost a game at Nash Bash, but it was a close one to a visiting Canadian opponent. They stay where they are.

Danville inches up as they keep winning, and the same goes for Belmont Shore, Liberty and Naples

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Santa Monica has started wonderfully in SoCal and they jump in to the rankings. Also new to the rankings are Peninsula Green of Northern California, Fallbrook of Southern California, Beaverton of Oregon, and Plano in Texas. Marin (lost to Santa Rosa), Lamorinda (uninspiring results), Kona (just not sure), Islanders (uninspiring results), Tempe and Red Mountain (league has to get it together to report results) all drop out.

Also moving up significantly is Doylestown as they played a ranked opponent, in this case Union County, and won 40-29.

RUGBYMag Boys HS Club Rankings March 13 2013, Presented by Selective Service
Crnt Prev Team
1 1 Cathedral (Ind.) Beat Westerville, St. Ignatius
2 2 United (Utah)
3 3 Colorado Springs (Colo.)
4 4 Chuckanut (Wash.)
5 5 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.) 2-1 Nash Bash (close loss Canadian team)
6 8 Danville Oaks (Calif.) Beat Hayward, SFGG (18)
7 7 Downingtown (Pa.) Idle
8 9 Belmont Shore (Calif.) 57-7 over Desert Valley
9 14 Liberty (Wash.) Defeated Budd Bay
10 16 Naples (Fla.) Beat Daytona - 4-0
11 Unr Santa Monica (Calif.) 4-0, defeated Palos Verdes
12 6 Charlotte Tigers (NC) Earlier loss to Gonzaga
13 11 Eastside (Ore.) 20-14 over Polk County
14 12 West Shore United (Pa.)
15 23 Doylestown (Pa.) Beat Union County (21) 40-29
16 17 Granite Bay (Calif.) Defeated Jesuit
17 Unr Peninsula Green (Calif.) 4-0 in NorCal Bay
18 Unr Beaverton (Ore.) Defeated Bend
19 Unr Plano (Tex.)
20 20 Westerville (Ohio) Lost to Cathedral, Beat Southeastern
21 18 SFGG (Calif.) Lost to Danville (8)
22 21 Union County (NJ) Lost 40-29 to Doylestown (23)
23 25 San Diego Mustangs (Calif.) Beat Temecula
24 Unr Fallbrook (Calif.) Defeated Empire 26-12
25 25 White Station (Tenn.) Lost to Audubon, Brother Martin