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Well you might say it wasn't a National Championship because it didn't include a play-in for every region, but the old USA Rugby National HS Championship didn't either. Many regions in America opted out of the final tournament simply because it didn't fit in with their schedule, or was too expensive.

Still, this past weekend's Boys HS National Invitational did provide plenty of fodder for our rankings. Almost all the top teams were there, and they got to play each other, as well.

We might see a few little changes over the course of the end of the spring, but this past weekend put us in the best position to settle the rankings. Here are some of our explanations:

Jesuit came into the NIT at #3, and beat #5, #2 and #1. Easy - they're top now.

Who goes to #2? Well #1 Gonzaga lost a close one to Jesuit, 21-16. But Herriman, who we had ranked #5, almost beat Jesuit. They lost 18-17 on a missed conversion. Then they plowed over Dixon and Charlotte Catholic. Add in the fact that Herriman earlier beat HS Club winners United twice, and we think they have to be #2, despite finishing 5th at the Invitational.

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As a result of Herriman's move up, we move up Snow Canyon, who beat Herriman once and lost to them later. Unionville moves up thanks to state title in Pennsylvania, and St. Igantius moves up because we made a mistake last week, and charged St. Igantius of Ohio for a loss by St. Igantius of Illinois (it could happen to anyone).

In the Tier II at nationals, two teams recorded important results. Greenwich, thought by many, including us, as the best of the Tier II, lost the final to Brother Rice (a HS club). Meanwhile, Brownsburg, which had been dropped out of the rankings, came back in with wins over St. Thomas Aquinas and Maryland Exiles. 

Torrey Pines and Wilson HS move up because the San Diego Mustangs, the HS Club fed by Torrey Pines, did so well in the HS Club Invitational.

We expand the list to 40 just to accommodate some undefeated teams that did well. Watch for some other state playoffs to make a few adjustments, but we are confident that the top eight or so are not going to move.

2013 Boys HS Top 25
May 23 2013 presented by Selective Service
Crnt (Prev) Team Notes
1 3 Sacramento Jesuit (Calif.) 18-17 over Herriman (5), 39-20 over Xavier (2), 21-16 over Gonzaga (1)
2 5 Herriman (Utah) lost 18-17 to Jesuit (3), 42-14 over Dixon (6), 38-7 over Charlotte (7)
3 1 Gonzaga (DC) 55-14 over Chapin (13), 45-27 over Penn (4), lost 21-16 to Jesuit (3)
4 2 Xavier (NY) 40-29 over Dixon (6), lost 39-20 to Jesuit (3), 36-10 over Penn (4)
5 10 Snow Canyon (Utah)
6 4 Penn (Ind.) 40-37 over Charlotte (7), lost 45-27 to Gonzaga (1), 36-10 to Xavier (2)
7 7 Charlotte Catholic (NC) Lost 40-37 to Penn (4), 29-22 over Chapin (13), lost 38-7 to Herriman (5)
7 6 Dixon (Calif.) lost 40-29 to Xavier (2), 42-14 to Herriman (5), 38-20 over Chapin (13)
9 31 Unionville (Pa.) 21-14 over St. Joseph's Prep (9)
10 18 St. Ignatius (Ohio)
11 16 Ravenwood (Tenn.) 34-5 over South Doyle (32)
12 8 Greenwich (Conn.) 55-14 over La Salette, 21-7 over Brownsburg, lost 25-17 to Brother Rice
13 19 Wilson HS (Calif.)
15 9 St. Joseph's Prep (Pa.) Lost Pa. final 21-14 to Unionville (31)
14 24 St. Edward (Ohio)
16 22 Torrey Pines (Calif.)
17 15 Perry Street Pride (DC)
18 14 Shaw (La.)
19 Unr Brownsburg (Ohio) 19-7 over St. Thomas Aq. (12), lost 21-7 to Greenwich (8), 37-15 over Md. Exiles
20 12 St. Thomas Aquinas (Kan.) Lost 19-7 to Brownsburg, 36-20 over La Salette, 22-21 over Park Hill (17)
21 13 Chapin (SC) Lost to Gonzaga (1), Charlotte (7), Herriman (5)
22 17 Park Hill South (Mo.) Lost to Brother Rice, defeated GR Catholic, lost to St. Thomas Aquinas (12)
23 20 East HS (Colo.)
24 21 Lake Travis (Texas)
25 30 Nakahi (Idaho) 28-27 over Capital (23)
26 23 Capital HS (Idaho) Lost 28-27 to Nakahi (30)
27 26 Reynold Raiders (Ore.) 27-20 over Lincoln (25)
28 25 Lincoln (Ore.) Lost 27-20 to Reynolds (26)
29 Unr Tulsa Union (Okla.)
30 33 Edina (Minn.)
31 34 Burnsville (Minn.)
32 Unr Minnetonka (Minn.)
33 Unr Duluth (Minn.)
34 Unr Nicolet (Wisc.)
35 Unr Grafton (Wisc.)
36 35 Brother Martin (La.)
37 28 St. Thomas (Texas)
38 29 Bishop Hendricken (Mass.)
39 32 South Doyle (Tenn.) Lost 34-5 to Ravenwood (16)
40 Unr Belmont HS (Mass.)