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With the season still really quite early, and not having begun in many cold-weather regions, we leave some teams out until they get started.

In this ranking the names of greatest interest should be:
Snow Canyon - possibly the best team in Utah right now.
Dixon - set to play Jesuit this weekend in a game that likely decides which team is the best single-school program in Northern California.
Perry Street Pride (you might remember when they were called Hyde School), who are unbeaten in the DC area league, and could well challenge Gonzaga
East HS - having beaten Cherry Creek, who beat Colorado Springs, they could lay claim to being the best team in Colorado. In a week they play Colorado Springs, and we will know for sure ... or not.
Cumberland Valley - never heard of them? Well, when they lose a game, we'll let you know, they've started well.
Burrell - Ditto.
Reynold Raiders - same deal from Oregon ... some interesting new programs coming up.

We fully expect these rankings to change over the next several weeks. Boys Single-School HS Rankings April 4, 2012

1 Xavier (NY)
2 Gonzaga (DC)
3 Sacramento Jesuit (Calif)
4 St. Thomas (Tex)
5 Snow Canyon (Utah)
6 East HS (Colo)
7 Dixon (Calif)
8 Perry Street Pride (DC)
9 Wilson HS (Calif)
10 Charlotte Catholic (NC)
11 Penn (Ind)
12 St. Thomas Aquinas (Kan)
13 Brownsburg (Westside) (Ind)
14 New Orleans Jesuit (La.)
15 Greenville Red Raiders (SC)
16 Burrell (Pa)
17 Cumberland Valley (Pa)
18 Dallas Jesuit (Tex)
19 Bellarmine Prep (Calif)
20 Cathedral (Calif)
21 Westlake (Texas)
22 Reynold Raiders (Ore.)
23 McQuaid (NY)
24 Edina (Minn)
25 St. Ignatius (Ohio)