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Cal's Andrew Battaglia scoring the game winner

It's long been this ranking's stance to avoid movement for the sake of movement. You won't see teams "tied" in our rankings, you won't see us "shake things up" just for the sake of doing it, and you won't see us include more than 25 teams in our list. We're going to give you a subjective version of our Top 25 and provide sound reasonsing for it. 

This week is an example of one where there are no changes to be made. No. 4 lost to No. 2 by a narrow margin, No. 9 lost closely to No. 3, No. 14 lost to No. 6 by a few scores, and No. 17 lost to No. 8 by a few more. None of those results, and certainly none of the other results from teams in the Top 25, warrant any movement. 

However, the results do lend creedence to the rankings we've been trotting out week after week, especially on the top end. We've had Cal, BYU, Life and St. Mary's, in that order, as our top four since December. Now, in April, Life stands undefeated after winning the toughest conference in the country, Cal stands undefeated amongst American colleges and BYU is also perfect. St. Mary's has three losses, two against BYU and one against Cal. A powered down St. Mary's side also lost to Utah, but it would be a mischaracterization to refer to that team as the Gaels' first side. 

Furthermore, we've had BYU and Cal as the top two teams in the country since September, so literally all season. And St. Mary's results against Cal and BYU have corroborated those rankings. Picking two Varsity Cup teams as Nos. 1 and 2 was not a popular decision, and we were criticized for being biased, given RugbyToday is owned by United World Sports, which operates the Varsity Cup. That's a pretty silly argument when you consider we had St. Mary's as our No. 1 team at the end of last season, and even though Arkansas State hadn't been a CRC team until this spring, the Red Wolves sat atop our 7s rankings for a long, long time. 

The point is, we don't set our rankings for entertainment, political or ulterior reasons. It's literally and simply our best estimation of who the top 25 collegiate rugby teams in the country are, in order, on a semi-weekly basis. This week, it appears we've gotten a few things right. 

RankPrev3/25/2015Recent Results
11BYUBeat Utah Valley
22CalBeat St. Mary's
33LifeBeat Davenport
44St. Mary'sLost to Cal
55Central Washington
66ArmyBeat Navy
88UtahBeat Arizona State
99DavenportLost to Life
1010Arkansas State
1212Colorado StateBeat NorCo Men
1313Air Force
1414NavyLost to Army
1616Wheeling JesuitBeat Ohio State
1717Arizona StateLost to Utah
1818Cal Poly
1919Penn StateBeat Buffalo Men
2121San Diego State
2525Bowling Green