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While the top 10 remains unchanged, the rest of the rankings have gone haywire thanks to a series of upsets and results. There are no new teams in the rankings, and no teams have plummeted out, but 14 teams will find a new number next to their name.

Wheeling Jesuit, Clemson and Navy all played each other over the last several weeks, with each team finishing 1-1. Navy beat Clemson, the Tigers beat the Cardinals, and the Cardinals beat the Midshipmen. So their order in the Top 25 had to be figured creatively. Navy and Clemson both have a plus-eight point differential in the relevant matches, while Wheeling wound up minus-16. So that meant the Cardinals would be the lowest between the three. And Navy beat Clemson heads up, so the Midshipmen are one spot ahead of the Tigers. 

Arizona State and Colorado State made climbs after beating UCLA and Air Force, respectively. 

A couple of wins that weren't as convincing as they could have been were Arkansas State over Texas A&M and Army over UMass. The Red Wolves won by 34, but that's a far cry from some of the wins they've pasted on the Aggies in the past. Added to a loss to Davenport, it raises some questions about how competitive ASU will be in the Varsity Cup this spring. Those will go a long way toward being answered when Arkansas State plays Life this weekend. 

Army actually trailed UMass in the second half, which is surprising for a team that lost just one fall game, to Life, playing a team that finished fourth in a conference perceived to be mediocre. But it was the first hit-out of the spring for the Black Knights. 


22CalBeat Oregon State
33LifeBeat Lindenwood
44St. Mary'sBeat Cal Poly
55Central WashingtonLost to Seattle Saracens
66ArmyBeat UMass
88Arkansas StateBeat Texas A&M
99UtahBeat Arizona
1112LindenwoodLost to Life
1224Colorado StateBeat Air Force
1311Air ForceLost to Colorado State
1517ClemsonBeat Wheeling Jesuit
1614Wheeling JesuitLost to Clemson
1720Arizona StateBeat UCLA
1815UCLALost to Arizona State
1914Penn State
2119Cal PolyLost to St. Mary's
2423Bowling Green


I understand that these rankings are subjective, but how is it that UCF wins back to back DIAA championships, finishes last year ranked #7, but still falls off your radar? As for recent performance, they are in first place in the SIRC South (with a point differential of 374-60) and went undefeated in winning the SIRC Sevens. In addition, over the last two years they have beaten four of the teams you have ranked in your top 25 (#22 Dartmouth, #21 LSU, #15 Clemson, and #11 Lindenwood). I get it that the SIRC is not considered a strong league, but that's been the case the last two years. Maybe you just forgot about UCF or considered them a flash in the pan, but I would maintain that they merit consideration for your rankings.