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Only one change.

We can't ignore how Life put Penn State to the sword, and they move up one.

Really, can Life beat BYU? In Marietta, heck yeah they can. This will be an amazing match. The weather will matter - hot and humid helps Life for sure.

BYU is not taking this lightly, and we could see #1 unseated.

Arkansas State against St. Mary's? Another pick 'em game. If the South teams sweep the semis, maybe we revisit where Texas A&M is ranks. If they go down hard, then we revisit the other way.

The East should get a good look.  As we have said before, the Rugby East is the most exciting conference, top to bottom, but is it the best?

Should we move Navy and Kutztown down because Army and Penn State lost? Well it's hard to move them below UCLA, who lost by 79 points. But, yes, that remains a possibility.

The team poised to move up is probably Air Force. If BYU crushes Life, then the East teams will drop and Air Force will ride Cougar coattails up into the top eight.

Current Prev DI-A Top 20 May 6 2012
1 1 BYU 103-24 over UCLA (11)
3 2 St. Mary's 24-15 over Utah (5)
2 3 Life University 75-3 over Penn State (7)
4 4 Arkansas State 36-20 over Army (6)
5 5 Utah Lost 24-15 to St. Mary's (2)
6 6 Army Lost 36-20 to Arkansas State (6)
7 7 Penn State Lost 75-3 to Life (3)
8 8 Air Force
9 9 Kutztown
10 10 Navy
11 11 UCLA Lost 103-24 to BYU (1)
12 12 Central Washington
13 13 Delaware
14 14 Colorado
15 15 Cal Poly
16 16 Texas A&M
17 17 Wyoming
18 18 Arizona
19 19 Arizona State
20 20 Ohio State

Not Ranked Colorado State

Notre Dame



UC Davis