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It's highly likely that the middle of this pack is a crapshoot. Arizona State plays Arizona this coming weekend - is one demonstrably better than the other? Not really. However, Colorado juuuust lost to AU earlier this season, so they have to be ranked right behind. Cal Poly, CWU and Texas A&M have all recorded useful results that could put them somewhere between 10 and 20.

The big move upward in this week's Top 20 is Kutztown, after they beat Navy. The is no significant move up. We do suspect that the Pacific teams, hampered as they are by a small schedule, may well deserve to be higher.

Central Washington v. UCLA could be one of those games that ensures one team a spot a little higher. This coming weekend is also a weekend of rivalries - BYU v. Utah (oh yes!), Arizona v. Arizona State, Army v. Navy ... you get the idea. The one that tells us the most may well be Kutztown v. Delaware (not exactly a long-standing rivalry in most sports), because Delaware is not a poor team - they've been a bit unlucky. If KU can hold their position and produce a result in that match, they will establish themselves as a solid contender.

Current Prev DI-A Top 20 April 1 2012
1 1 BYU 80-8 over Arizona (10)
2 2 Life University Idle
3 3 St. Mary's Idle - on tour
4 4 Arkansas State 41-0 over Notre Dame
5 5 Utah 81-27 over Arizona State (15)
6 7 Army 53-7 over Ohio State (19)
7 9 Air Force Idle
8 6 Penn State 38-28 over Rutgers
9 14 Kutztown 30-14 over Navy (8)
10 8 Navy Lost 30-14 to Kutztown (14)
11 10 Arizona Lost 80-8 to BYU (1)
12 11 Colorado Idle
13 12 Cal Poly Idle
14 13 Central Washington Idle
15 18 Texas A&M 48-26 over Oklahoma
16 15 Arizona State Lost 81-27 to Utah (5)
17 16 Delaware Idle
18 17 UCLA Idle
19 19 Ohio State Lost 53-7 to Army (7)
20 20 UC Davis Idle

Not Ranked Colorado State Lost 49-26 to Wyoming

Notre Dame

Oklahoma Lost 48-26 to Texas A&M (18)

Rutgers Lost 38-28 to Penn State (6)

Wyoming 49-26 over Colorado State