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1. Should St. Mary's get a big boost from beating a team not in the D1-A competition?
Answer: Yes. It's Cal, still the defending champs and still the team that swept UBC. We don't think Cal is as strong as they have been in recent years - probably 3rd or 4th if they were in D1-A, but they are still a terrific team. St. Mary's beating them says more than Life scoring 98 on Notre Dame.

2. Is Kutztown the unluckiest team in D1-A?
Answer: Maybe. They got slammed with some key injuries this year, and you could argue that if Tim Acker were with them all season some of their losses might be wins. They lose this weekend to Penn State, the team ranked one slot ahead of them, by seven. Seems fair.

3. What the heck is going on with Wyoming?
Answer: They have a very strong pack, and are learning to use it, and they play very well at home. Beating Arizona shouldn't be thought of as a complete turnaround. However, all of the teams NOT in the ranked 20 should feel they have the chance to move up into the 20. Beating a highly-ranked team (#12) should be a good enough reason. Now, Wyoming did lose to Arizona State earlier, and Arizona State later lost to Arizona. We end up weighting the more recent games more ...

4. If you move Wyoming up, who drops out?
Answer: Good question. Texas A&M were idle ... so they could go. Ohio State lost, but they lost only 23-18 to the #10 team. UC Davis won, albeit against a non-D1-A team. It's just so hard ... we opt to move UC Davis down. But it is very difficult.

Current Prev DI-A Top 20 April 15 2012
1 1 BYU Idle
2 3 St. Mary's 20-18 over California
3 2 Life University 98-13 over Notre Dame
4 4 Arkansas State 84-0 over Oklahoma
5 5 Utah 49-32 over Colorado (12), 41-30 over Air Force (7)
6 6 Army Idle
7 8 Penn State 44-37 over Kutztown (9)
8 9 Kutztown Lost 44-37 to Penn State (8)
9 7 Air Force Lost 41-30 to Utah (5)
10 10 Navy 23-18 over Ohio State (19)
11 14 UCLA 39-13 over Cal Poly (13)
12 12 Colorado Lost 49-32 to Utah (5)
13 13 Cal Poly Lost 39-13 to UCLA (14)
14 15 Central Washington Idle
15 17 Delaware 64-12 over Rutgers
16 20 Wyoming 27-24 over Arizona (11)
17 11 Arizona Lost 24-27 to Wyoming
18 18 Arizona State 33-9 over Colorado State
19 16 Texas A&M Idle
20 19 Ohio State Lost 23-18 to Navy (10)

Not Ranked Colorado State Lost 33-9 to Arizona State (18)

Notre Dame Lost 98-13 to Life (2)

Oklahoma Lost 84-0 to Arkansas State (4)

Rutgers Lost 64-12 to Delaware (17)

UC Davis 45-26 over Chico State