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There are no changes in the top 7 of the D1-A Top 20.

All of those teams did exactly what was expected of them, including #3 Life winning a close one over #4 Arkansas State, and Army just barely getting by Penn State, who were ranked one spot below.

There are some changes further down. Here's why:
Air Force has continued to play well. They have only lost to Utah and BYU, and they scored a total of 50 against those teams. Consider that BYU and Utah, in the 12 games they have played not against each other, have given up 151 points. Air Force is responsible for 1/3 of those.

We would love to see Air Force in a consolation bracket with some of the other hard-luck teams. We think they would win.

Kutztown is another hard-luck team, as is Navy. Both won this weekend, but looking at the totality of Air Force's performances, the Zoomies have to be above them.

Is UCLA worthy of a top eight? They are in the quarterfinals, after all. Maybe, but it's tough to tell given that St. Mary's has dominated the Pacific so much and the Pacific conference is so small. Right now UCLA is #11, but could earn a move up even if they lose in the playoffs ... they just need to compete.

Central Washington moves up two points after beating Cal Poly. This is an easy ranking to make now that the Wildcats have taken down the Mustangs. CWU were three points behind UCLA, and sit one rankings spot below. Delaware moves up despite losing, as they lost a competitive match to #10 Navy.

Now to two teams that need explanation. Colorado drops four places to 16, while Texas A&M moves up four after beating Notre Dame. It's not just about one game here. We can now look at the entire season for both, and realize we've been a bit too generous to the Buffs because of their close losses.

A&M finished 4-4 in the Mid-South, losing four to the two really good teams (Arkansas State and Life) and winning four over the teams that are struggling (Notre Dame and Oklahoma). Can't really fault them for that. They won the games they should have won, even on the road. Their average score against Life and Arkansas State was 6-63. That seems bad, the other two teams in the conference averaged 4-95 (!). So with that comparison, it seems fair to move them up a little.

Colorado has been problematic because they are 3-4, but three of their losses have been close, or at least competitive. They, like Air Force, have competed well with Utah, but were slammed by BYU this weekend. In the end it seems clear Colorado is not a top 12 team, but they are middle of the pack, and 14 seems right. They are better than Arizona, Arizona State, Wyoming and Colorado State, but not better than Air Force, and the overall results have born that out.

Current Prev DI-A Top 20 April 22 2012
1 1 BYU 99-12 over Colorado (12)
2 2 St. Mary's 52-13 over UC Davis
3 3 Life University 17-13 over Arkansas State (4)
4 4 Arkansas State Lost 17-13 to Life (3)
5 5 Utah 97-14 over Wyoming (16)
6 6 Army 20-19 over Penn State (7)
7 7 Penn State Lost 20-19 to Army (6)
8 9 Air Force 68-10 over Arizona State (18)
9 8 Kutztown 90-10 over Rutgers
10 10 Navy 27-10 over Delaware (15)
11 11 UCLA Idle
12 14 Central Washington 60-41 over Cal Poly (13)
13 15 Delaware Lost 27-10 to Navy (10)
14 12 Colorado Lost 99-12 to BYU (1)
15 13 Cal Poly Lost 60-31 to Central Washington (14)
16 19 Texas A&M 36-14 over Notre Dame
17 16 Wyoming Lost 97-14 to Utah (5)
18 17 Arizona Idle
19 18 Arizona State Lost 68-10 to Air Force (9)
20 20 Ohio State Idle

Not Ranked Colorado State Idle

Notre Dame Lost 36-14 to Texas A&M (19)

Oklahoma Idle

Rutgers Lost 90-10 to Kutztown (8)

UC Davis Lost 52-13 to St. Mary's (2)