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UCLA's Yoh Nakayama directing the offense. University of Utah Photo.

The DI rankings saw a bit of a shakeup this week after a number of ranked teams squared off. The top five saw a bit of movement this week, the first time it has changed all year.

Cal remains atop the rankings after winning a double header. Splitting its squad, Cal defeated Arizona State in PAC play and blasted Cal Poly right out of the rankings.

BYU played the Glendale Raptors on the road and were beaten pretty handily. It is hard to gauge matches with club teams but the committee believes that St. Mary’s body of work so far this year sees them move into the number two spot.

Lindenwood won a pair of games on a tour of Colorado and did so in convincing fashion. The Lions swap places with Arkansas State after thumping Air Force. The Zoomies drop three spots to 22.

Arkansas State played a tight game with LSU and as a result dropped one spot. LSU was a big moved despite the loss and going up five spots to 20.

Navy squared off with Penn State and kept the game close for a half. The Nittany Lions ran away with the game in the second half showing the distance between the two teams.

The other big surprise of the weekend came in PAC play. Utah made its way back into the rankings by smashing UCLA in Los Angeles. The Utes slot in at number 16 and UCLA drops half a dozen spots to 18.

Rank2/15/16Recent Results
1CalBeat Arizona State 44-16, Cal Poly 73-7
2St. Mary'sidle
3BYULost to Glendale 57-12
5Central WashingtonBeat Valley RFC 50-10
6Penn StateBeat Navy 60-36
7LindenwoodBeat Colorado 84-0, Air Force 53-7
8Arkansas StateBeat LSU 27-17
10ArizonaBeat Grand Canyon 50-12
11Notre Dame CollegeIdle
14Colorado StateIdle
15Wheeling JesuitIdle
16UtahBeat UCLA 49-8
18UCLALost to UCLA 49-8
19San Diego StateIdle
20LSULost to Arkansas State 27-17
21NavyLost to Penn State 60-36
22Air ForceLost to Lindenwood 53-7
24Bowling GreenIdle
25Boston CollegeIdle
Dropped Out
Cal PolyLost to Cal 73-7