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Why? Because the Chicago Lions, we felt, were the better team, but hadn't yet shown it. These rankings have to go by what has happened, not by what we think will happen.

The Lions beat New Orleans in New Orleans, and move up accordingly.

All of the higher-ranked teams in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic crossovers won, but none did it with much conviction. That's why some move down. Meanwhile, it's taken us a while to jump on the Metropolis bandwagon. Maybe it's time.

We expand the Top 25 to a Top 30 as some other clubs make it plain they deserve to be in. Seattle is a case in point. Playing in British Columbia, they did well enough to warrant a not.

Of these 30, 16 remain in the playoffs. Here's how the playoffs match up:

#12 EPA v. #15 KC (hmm ... upset potential here)
#1 Belmont Shore v. #28 Dallas

#11 Mystic v. #17 Atlanta (also could see lower-ranked team winning here)
#8 PAC v. #9 Metropolis (one of the games of the Round of 16)

#7 Chicago Lions v. #14 Boston Irish Wolfhounds (more upset potential from two former RSL teams)
#3 Palmer v. #10 Norfolk (Palmer should take this one)

#3 Glendale v. #6 Santa Monica (two former national DI champs, and the highest-ranked matchup)
#4 OMBAC v. #5 Austin Blacks (as is this one. The best matchup of all and another upset?)

We look at these matchups and readily acknowledge that in six of the eight games, the lower-ranked team could win. Only Belmont Shore and Palmer look at all safe (and we are stretching it with Palmer). So while we stand by these rankings. One day of playoffs could throw them into a shredder.

2011-2012 Men DI Club Rankings Apr 30, 2012
Current Prev

1 1 Belmont Shore Defeated Sac Lions (14)
2 2 Glendale Defeated HARC
3 3 Palmer Idle
4 4 OMBAC Defeated Olympic Club (18)
5 5 Austin Idle
6 7 Santa Monica Defeated Utah Brothers (24)
7 11 Chicago Lions Defeated New Orleans (8)
8 6 PAC Defeated Monmouth (22)
9 15 Metropolis Defeated Charlotte
10 10 Norfolk Defeated New York (20)
11 9 Mystic River Defeated Schuylkill River
12 12 East Palo Alto Bulldogs Defeated Las Vegas
13 8 New Orleans Lost to Chicago Lions (11)
14 16 Boston Irish Wolfhounds Defeated Pittsburgh (19)
15 13 Kansas City Blues Defeated Austin Huns
16 14 Sacramento Lions Lost to Belmont Shore (1)
17 17 Atlanta Renegades Defeated Cincinnati (23)
18 18 Olympic Club Lost to OMBAC (4)
19 22 Monmouth Lost to PAC (6)
20 Unr Seattle Beat Bayside, Richmond, lost to Rowers
21 Unr Austin Huns Lost loss to KC Blues
22 Unr Schuylkill River Close loss to Mystic River (9)
23 21 SFGG Lost to Bulldogs (12) April 21
24 24 Utah Brothers Lost to Santa Monica (7)
25 Unr Las Vegas Lost to EPA Bulldogs
26 23 Cincinnati Lost to Atlanta (17)
27 19 Pittsburgh Lost to BIW (16)
28 Unr Dallas Defeated Denver Highlanders
29 20 New York Lost to Norfolk (10)
30 25 San Mateo Lost to Olympic Club (18)