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The top of the DI rankings saw a bit of a shakeup after this week. After being out of the top spot for one week, Cal moves right back in after dismantling UCLA 88-7. The Bruins are having a down year, suffering hefty losses in PAC play. UCLA slides to 24 in our rankings.

St. Mary’s did not hold the top spot for long as they fell to BYU on the road 35-26. The Gaels and Cougars have split a home and home this year with St. Mary’s having a slightly larger margin of victory. As a result, the Gael’s slide in just ahead at number three.

Life moves into number after the Gael’s falter. The Running Eagles did not play this past weekend but continue to dominate the Mid-South.

Arizona and San Diego State both had impressive wins, keeping them in the top half of the rankings.

Clemson and Arkansas State was cancelled over the weekend, leaving one of the matches between two ranked teams un-played. The two will square off in a couple weeks.

Rank3/16/17Recent Results
1CalBeat UCLA 88-7, USC 91-7
3St. Mary'sLost to BYU 35-26
4BYUBeat St. Mary's 35-26
5Central WashingtonBeat Tacoma 72-5
6Penn StateIdle
7LindenwoodBeat Davenport 32-10
9Arkansas StateIdle
10Notre Dame CollegeIdle
12San Diego StateBeat Santa Clara 92-28
14ArizonaBeat Notre Dame 62-12
15DavenportLost to Lindenwood 32-10
16Wheeling JesuitIdle
17Kutztown Idle
20Colorado StateIdle
21Air ForceIdle
24UCLALost to Cal 88-7
25Bowling GreenIdle
Dropped Out
Cal PolyLost to UCSB 27-22