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In the end, there wasn't much to change.

We've had BYU at #1 all season and there was no reason to drop the Cougars down, as they won a superbly exciting and fun D1-A final Saturday night.

Further down, there wasn't much to change, either. Sure, Life and Arkansas State showed very well in the playoffs, but that can't elevate the other South teams too much. Notre Dame and Oklahoma still struggled, and while Texas A&M could be moved up, we still have a hard time, when comparing results, thinking they are better than Cal Poly. They could be, but we finally chose to leave everything as it was.

The only major change (since we didn't release a ranking last week) was to take into account the semis and the final. That produced this:

St. Mary's lost to Arkansas State, and thus had to drop below Arkansas State.

Arkansas State lost twice to Life, AND, both played BYU very close (and closer than St. Mary's did in a friendly). Life lost by six to BYU, ASU by seven. So while ASU finished 2nd in the D1-A, we have to rank Life ahead of them.

But we'd like to say, Arkansas State did some amazing work. To win at Army, then win at St. Mary's, and then almost win against BYU in Utah was an incredible run.

Utah stays behind St. Mary's, as they lost to SMCC in the quarterfinals, and also lost to Cal, barely, a team St. Mary's beat, barely.

Army stays just ahead of Penn State.

This is the final ranking of the season. It may be the final such ranking ever, depending on how the top college leagues pan out, or depending on how we choose to rank teams from now on.

Look for an all-encompassing college ranking coming soon, and congratulations to BYU for a fine, and undefeated, season.

Current Prev FINAL DI-A Top 20 May 20 2012
1 1 BYU Beat Life (3) 26-20, Arkansas State (4) 49-42
2 3 Life University Lost 26-20 to BYU (1)
3 4 Arkansas State Beat St. Mary's (2) 31-17, lost 49-42 to BYU (1)
4 2 St. Mary's Lost 31-17 to Arkansas State (4)
5 5 Utah
6 6 Army
7 7 Penn State
8 8 Air Force
9 9 Kutztown
10 10 Navy
11 11 UCLA
12 12 Central Washington
13 13 Delaware
14 14 Colorado
15 15 Cal Poly
16 16 Texas A&M
17 17 Wyoming
18 18 Arizona
19 19 Arizona State
20 20 Ohio State

Not Ranked Colorado State

Notre Dame



UC Davis