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For now, here's where the teams rank.

The teams from the Rocky Mountains, sadly, struggled and Colorado State, Air Force, and, by association, Northern Colorado, all get dropped as they fell victim to the lack of tournaments in which to prepare.

Also dropping out were Virginia, which didn't play well at nationals, and Oklahoma. Penn State, which had not played especially well, needed teams it lost to earlier to play especially well to keep them up there. Didn't happen. Penn State drops drastically.

For the most part, the top teams pick themselves. How they finished at the national tournament is how they end up being ranked. However, the fact that four out of six 2d-place teams were relegated to the Bowl Round thanks to points difference makes some decisions a bit tougher. Is Texas A&M or Kutztown really better than Dartmouth or Cal?

We figure that Dartmouth is a little better than A&M, and showed it by going 5-1. With Cal, it's a little tougher. They lost 10-7 to Arkansas State. In fact, Cal should have won that game. Do you rank them as high as 2nd because they were so close to the champions? Or do you take note of uninspiring wins over NC State and Texas, not to mention the loss to San Diego State? Cal could have dropped to 14th, but after looking at everything we concluded that a pool match to get to a championship, even as a loss, carries more weight than a consolation game. Cal takes a spot in the middle, ahead o Navy, who were 4-2 but were pushed by Air Force and A&M, but behind St. Mary's and Kutztown.

What to do with St. Mary's. They were just not very good for much of the weekend, but pulled out wins thanks to some clutch plays. They put in one really good half against Navy that secured a top four spot, but overall we have a hard time saying their results were better than those of Kutztown. KU lost to Central Washington, true, but beat them later. They lost to Arkansas State, but that 31-12 scoreline 17-12 with three minutes to go, and St. Mary's was throttled by Life 33-0. It's a tough call, but we figure if we see Kutztown play St. Mary's next week, KU would win a best of five series, maybe 3-2.

Delaware, by the way, is legit. 2012-2013 Preseason 7s College Top 25 Dec  5 2012
Rank Prev Team Notes More Notes
1 7 Arkansas State 1st at Nationals Challenge twice, but won both
2 1 Life 2nd at Nationals Only challenges once
3 12 Delaware 3rd at Nationals Did lose early, but won big when counted
4 13 Kutztown 5th at Nationals Possibly better than St. Mary's
5 3 St. Mary's 4th at Nationals Unimpressive but still kept winning
6 2 Cal 11th at Nationals Almost beat ASU, losing 10-7
7 20 Navy 6th at Nationals Excellent nationals effort
8 4 Central Washington 6th at Nationals Lost to KU, but also beat them
9 10 Dartmouth 9th at Nationals 5-1 despite only taking Bowl
10 6 BYU
Haven't played much, but good when played
11 9 Texas A&M 7th at Nationals Started strong but faltered at nationals
12 8 SD State 10th at Nationals Could be higher, as they beat Cal - See intro
13 17 Cal Poly 12th at Nationals
14 14 Virginia Tech

15 18 UCLA

16 16 Davenport 17th at Nationals
17 21 Arizona State

18 15 Utah

19 Unr Lindenwood 13th at Nationals
20 22 Western Washington 18th at Nationals
21 11 Penn State

22 Unr Northeastern 13th at Nationals
23 Unr Wisconsin 13th at Nationals
23 Unr Texas 13th at Nationals 3 losses to strong teams, win over weak team
25 Unr Bowling Green 19th at Nationals
25 Unr Georgia
Finished second to A&M in SEC