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We cut the list to 20, considering there are just over 60 DI club teams in the nation, it seems reasonable to only rank the first third or so.

After carefully measuring looking at the overall quality of play, and especially the scores in the playoffs, we have the rankings below.

Key notes: Kansas City Blues, having beaten Glendale once and then pushing Belmont Shore to a two-point game, have to be right up there despite not making the national semis. Similarly, the Chicago Lions lost to Palmer 19-15, and get bumped up. Metropolis, which performed well in getting to the national semis seem to us to have had a slightly easier bracket than some others. That's a function of their performance in the Midwest playoffs, but we still think that matters. Would Metropolis have advanced in the other three brackets? Not so much. Would they have outperformed Kansas City or Chicago? We don't think so. Would they have outperformed Austin or OMBAC? Well, they did, barely. Austin's massive loss to Glendale ensures Metropolis is at #6 and not, say, at #9.

The other moves are clear. PAC struggled somewhat, and so did Norfolk.

Overall, the Southern California league still looks like one of the toughest in the country. The Mid-Atlantic league had a tough road in the playoffs, while the Midwest did quite well. Northern California, and this is no secret, needs a lot of help.

2011-2012 Men DI Club Rankings June 12, 2012
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1 1 Belmont Shore Beat Dallas, KC, Metropolis, Glendale
2 2 Glendale Beat Santa Monica, Austin, Palmer, lost to Belmont
3 3 Palmer Beat Norfolk, Chicago, lost to Glendale, beat Metropolis
4 15 Kansas City Blues Beat EPA, lost to Belmont by 2
5 7 Chicago Lions Beat BIW, lost to Palmer by 4
6 9 Metropolis Beat PAC, Mystic, lost to Belmont, Palmer
7 5 Austin Beat OMBAC by 2, lost to Glendale
8 4 OMBAC Lost by 2 to Austin, beat Santa Monica
9 6 Santa Monica Lost to Glendale, OMBAC
10 11 Mystic River Beat Atlanta, lost to Metropolis
11 8 PAC Lost to Metropolis, tied Atlanta
11 17 Atlanta Renegades Lost to , Mystic by 1, tied PAC
13 12 East Palo Alto Bulldogs Lost to KC, beat Dallas
14 13 New Orleans Eliminated earlier by Chicago
15 10 Norfolk Lost to Palmer, beat BIW
16 14 Boston Irish Wolfhounds Lost to Chicago Norfolk
17 16 Sacramento Lions Eliminated earlier by Belmont Shore
18 18 Olympic Club Eliminated earlier by OMBAC
19 19 Monmouth Eliminated earlier by PAC
20 20 Seattle Playoffs in BC