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The second week of the Men's Club 7s Rankings sees us pare down the list to 20. That happens every year, as we see who is serious, who hasn't managed to register their players yet, and who is actually playing in tournaments.

OPSB, Chicago Lions, and Schuylkill River all won tournaments last weekend, and all looked very good in doing so. Denver was idle, but no one really did enough to move past them yet.

SFGG and OMBAC are the big movers. We suspect that OMBAC could be passed by Old Aztecs later this summer. But that hasn't happened yet, so we go by the results, and the results say OMBAC beat Old Aztecs 19-17 on Saturday. We think Olympic Club and SFGG will have a heated rivalry in Northern California; first blood to SFGG. Also worth noting that Olympic Club lost to the Sacramento Lions in pool play, so we're keeping on eye on the Lions also.

Also moving up are the Maryland Exiles, who keep losing really close finals. They should get better as the summer progresses.

There then follows a list of teams that have won a tournament or two, or have finished second regularly, but haven't grabbed hold of their fortunes in the same way. Some will emerge as higher-ranked as the summer moves on. Some will drift down.

And then the question-mark teams. We have five teams in the West we're looking at: Woodlands, Glendale, Oklahoma Academy, Aspen and Kansas City. Of those, the last two mentioned are on the bubble and not named in the top 20. They could be, but aren't right now. Woodlands seems to be the best of the group right now, with Glendale and Oklahoma Academy pretty much equal. The next tournament, this weekend in Kansas City, could be the time we find out a lot. And, if what we hear is correct, and some outside teams participate, then we will know even more.

Atlanta Old White still remains a massive question-mark, as they haven't played a lot.

2012 Men Club 7s Rankings July 3 2012
Rank Prev Team Pros Cons
1 1 OPSB Top players won BOTW 7s

2 2 Chicago Lions Won Firehouse, Lakefront None so far - look consistent
3 3 Schuylkill River Overtime win at Wilmington Not dominant at highest level
4 4 Denver

5 18 SFGG Experience, youth, and Mile Pulu Won't sneak up on anyone now
6 16 OMBAC Wow. Shock win in Santa Monica Tactically vulnerable?
7 5 Old Aztecs Outstanding-looking lineup But not together yet
8 7 Olympic Club Good start - Nesquick final
Working out kinks
9 21 Maryland Exiles Pushed Schuylkill in Wilmington None yet
10 6 YoungBloodz Solid group Hit Lions wall twice
11 8 NYAC No pros or cons as they have won but struggle with depth
12 9 Old Blue No pros or cons - need to beat NYAC when NYAC at full-strength
13 10 Woodlands Exiles Good lineup, solid start Depth?
14 11 1823 Clearly 3rd in Midwest at present
15 12 Belmont Shore Good start and could be 3rd or even 2nd in SoCal
16 13 Mystic River Won Worcester 7s Not played in a qualifier yet
17 14 Atlanta Old White

18 17 Glendale

19 15 Oklahoma Rugby Academy Decent start to the season Very untried
20 19 Middlesex