You are here ranks Old Puget Sound Beach as the top 7s team in the nation at present. Despite the fact that OPSB did not qualify for the national tournament last year, OPSB is stacked with talent and should perform very well this summer.

The Chicago Lions, Schuylkill River, and Denver Barbarians all round out the top four. All are talented teams that won tournaments this past weekend. We are taking a bit of a leap of faith with the San Diego Old Aztecs, but since they have many of the players who won a national title in 2011 with Belmont Shore Tigers, and have added Zack Test and Peter Tiberio ... well, we think they'll do OK.

2012 Men Club 7s Rankings June 25 2012

Team Pros Cons
1 OPSB Excellent lineup Haven't seem much of them yet - tired?
2 Chicago Lions Good start to qualifier season. Lost some key talent from 2011, but Rocco Mauer back
3 Schuylkill River Gareth Jones joins an already really good team They can't sneak up on anyone now
4 Denver Bokhoven coaching, new players, solid veterans Pace?
5 Old Aztecs Outstanding-looking lineup with several USA players.
Got to play together
YoungBloodz Uale Mai joins team Uale Mai won't be with them all summer, travel tough
7 Olympic Club Impressive group of players; new coach Waiting for them to play seriously
8 NYAC Al Caravelli working with them; Justin Hundley key Can they keep everyone available?
9 Old Blue Sean Horan back, some good local talent Stumbled out of the gate, but better 2nd week
10 Woodlands Exiles Good lineup, solid start Depth?
11 1823 Been working hard to be best in Midwest Travel tough for them.
12 Belmont Shore Cupboard is never bare and James Walker can coach Lost tons of talent...TONS
13 Mystic River Dimitri Efthimiou top offensive threat on good defensive team
Not sure about competition level
14 Atlanta Old White DC-area speedsters spark a club that's easy to overlook
Very young.
15 Oklahoma Rugby Acad. Decent start to the season Very untried
16 OMBAC Jason Raven helping out Very young
17 Glendale Dewon Reed is a good start Malifas injured. James Paterson with the Eagles
18 SFGG Solid potential Potential only at present
19 Middlesex Very competitive 2nd to Old Blue Have they got that pace man?
20 Aspen Andy Katoa is coach. Peceli Rinakama is player Haven't lit anyone up yet
21 Maryland Exiles Won opening Qualifier How strong was the field?
22 Sturgeon Decent showing early Northwest not strong competition.
23 Washington Exciting, speedy young team Experience?
24 Albany Good start Staying power?
25 Humless Reports are a tough lineup Haven't seen anything about them on the field yet