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Seattle-OPSB didn't look like world-beaters in the early going against the USA U20s, but picked it up late, especially when they added on a couple of players.

It was, after all, a scrimmage, and while a shaky loss might be enough to drop a team down from #1, not when it's a practice game with liberal substitutions.

What is enough to drop you down from #2 is if you lose. SFGG dropped a 14-10 decision to Denver, and drop from #2 to #5 as a result. Denver moves up from #9 to #7. Why don't the Barbarians move past SFGG? Because SFGG beat Denver earlier in the season. Both were close games, and in both the away team lost. Meanwhile, Golden Gate has won the remainder of their games (all at home), and Denver is 1-3 (all on the road). Obviously things will even out as the season evens out. But for now it seems right to keep SFGG ahead on balance.

Staying at the top of the rankings for the moment, Life thrashed #11 Boston (who move down) and move up to #2 as a result. Glendale, with their victory over OMBAC, move up to #3. NYAC, which has done nothing wrong, but are vulnerable due to player moves, moves up.

What to do about OMBAC. They are competitive, but somehow their results seem just OK. They ended up wilting against Glendale, and haven't played Denver or SFGG yet. In the end Denver has to move ahead of them. Idle Metropolis drops for the moment.

Olympic Club has to move ahead of Santa Monica after beating the Dolphins in Southern California. Boston drops to #12. Moving up also is PAC, which was impressive against a good Pittsburgh team. Dallas has to wonder what they have to do to move up. They crush the Austin Huns and move down? Not fair. But PAC's 17-0 shutout of Pittsburgh was, we think, the bigger deal, as was the New Orleans defeat of Austin Blacks. Big drop for HARC as they lose to the Dallas Harlequins. But ... that result may really be a sign that the Harlequins are better.

Waiting in the wings ... well, not that many clubs. We're keeping an eye on Hawaii.

Men DI Club Rankings March 11 2014
Rank Prev Club League Notes
1 1 Seattle-OPSB BC DI Beat USA U20s
2 3 Life No League Beat Boston (11)
3 4 Glendale Raptors PRP Beat OMBAC (8)
4 5 NYAC Northeast Idle
5 2 SFGG PRP Lost to Denver (9)
6 6 Belmont Shore PRP Idle
7 9 Denver Barbarians PRP Beat SFGG (2)
8 8 OMBAC PRP Lost to Glendale (4)
9 7 Metropolis Midwest Idle
10 13 Olympic Club PRP Beat Santa Monica (10)
11 10 Santa Monica PRP Lost to Olympic Club (13)
12 11 Boston Northeast Idle
13 12 Old Blue Northeast Idle
14 16 PAC Mid-Atlantic Beat Pittsburgh
15 15 New Orleans Red River Beat Austin Blacks (17)
16 14 Dallas Reds Red River Beat Austin Huns
17 17 Austin Blacks Red River Lost to New Orleans (15)
18 19 Norfolk Mid-Atlantic Beat NOVA
19 20 Baltimore-Chesapeake Mid-Atlantic Beat Maryland
20 21 Columbus Midwest Idle
21 22 Kansas City Blues Midwest Idle
22 23 Milwaukee Barbarians Midwest Idle
23 24 Los Angeles So. Cal Beat Las Vegas
24 25 San Diego Old Aztecs So. Cal Idle
25 18 HARC Red River Lost to Dallas Harlequins