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Central Washington won the NCRC easily, which was expected. They don't move up because they did what we expected them to do, and are in a group of teams who are all, frankly, equally strong. We could be tempted to start moving the more idle teams down, but that's not going to accomplish anything. The top seven are our top seven until further notice.

Air Force was brilliant in winning the Rocky Mountain 7s, and jet on up to #8. This is in part because we have some doubts about a few of the teams now ranked 9 lower.

Utah ... what to do about Utah. Obviously they can play. They won their two games at Rocky Mountain, but complex internal issues mean they had to forfeit those games. Can you rank a team that's not going to be OK'd to play? We love this team, but they have to get their house in order, and as a result we bumped them down, and might even bump them out if we can't confirm their ability to play.

Dropping out due to idleness (in 7s) and because we are concerned they might not be as good as they were are Army and Arizona. However, they could all come back quite easily. They just have to perform.

Texas moves into the Top 25 after winning the SWC 7s. North Carolina State moves in because we just flat like them.

And finally, you might be curious that Northern Colorado is ranked ahead of Colorado State, despite finishing lower at Rocky Mountain. There's a simple explanation. Northern Colorado lost to Air Force in the Rocky Mountain semis 27-10. Colorado State lost in the final 66-21.

It is quite possible CSU is a better team, but, that comparison alone is valuable - how they fared in a win-or-go-home game against a ranked opponent. Air Force looked good both times, but Northern Colorado hung with them, and CSU didn't. 2012-2013 Preseason 7s College Top 25 Oct 23 2012
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Life
2 2 Kutztown
3 3 Cal
4 4 BYU
5 5 Arkansas State
6 6 St. Mary's
7 7 Central Washington Won NCRC 7s
8 22 Air Force Won Rocky Mountain 7s
9 9 Dartmouth
10 10 Delaware
11 11 Texas A&M
12 14 Navy
13 12 Davenport
14 13 Cal Poly
15 8 Utah
16 Unr
Texas Won SWC 7s
17 23 Western Washington 2nd at NCRC 7s
18 15 Northeastern
19 16 Middlebury
20 21 Northern Colorado 3rd at Rocky Mountain 7s
21 19 Central Florida
22 24 UCLA
23 Unr NC State
24 18 SD State
25 25 Colorado State 2nd at Rocky Mountain 7s

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