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Ranking the college 7s teams at this early stage is … risky. We are judging some teams on perhaps one tournament played against middling opposition, or maybe we’re ranking a team based on last year’s performances, graduations be damned.

Ranking on potential is a dangerous move, and still we have unknowns. Delaware is not playing rugby, Arkansas State is getting a new coach, Utah isn’t playing rugby, St. Mary’s is expected to be better than they were last fall, Army isn’t playing rugby … you see how it gets.

We rank these teams based on their most recent performances, with a nod to major players graduating.

There is still a lot of 7s to be players, and many more tournament that have greater meaning than the few already held this fall. This is just the start.

Men College 7s Rankings Oct 3 2013
1 Cal
2 Life
3 Arkansas State
4 Central Washington
5 Dartmouth
6 St. Mary's
8 Kutztown
9 San Diego State
10 Navy
11 Penn State
12 Wisconsin
13 Oklahoma
14 Cal Poly
15 Arizona
16 Davenport
17 Lindenwood
18 Air Force
19 BYU
20 LSU
21 Notre Dame
22 Texas A&M
23 Arkansas
24 Texas
25 Florida