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Another weekend down, and the Chicago Lions and Belmont Shore continue to sit atop their respective qualifier standings and our rankings. The Lions have now won all three Midwest qualifiers, and done so in impressive fashion.

Sitting right behind the Lions in the Midwest standings are the Milwaukee Barbarians, a team we completely missed in last week’s rankings. They jump into the fold as No. 3, unseating 1823, who they are ahead of in the Midwest standings.

The Old Aztecs climb several spots this week after winning the latest SoCal Qualifier. San Diego has a very talented roster, similar to last year’s, sans a couple of Eagles, and the Old Aztecs should be taken seriously as a contender with just one more SoCal qualifier left.

SFGG also climbs up the list after winning a second tournament in a row and the first Pacific Coast qualifier. Gate has some new 7s blood this summer, and it’s showing.

Long Island is another team we missed in week one, so they come from the unranked realm into the top 10 after tying Old Blue atop the Northeast standings.

The biggest surprise of the week might be the omission of Youngbloodz. The Midwest has chosen to do “random” pool drawings, and it’s resulted in some interesting match-ups. That system is partially at fault for Youngbloodz’s underperformance this summer, but the Minnesota team is nonetheless in fifth after three tournaments. If they bounce back, it will reflect in the rankings.

We have made some switches that might need explanation, too.

We bumped Schuylkiill River up ahead of Rocky Gorge because they've made some additions and now appear to be playing at full strength, including with some guys who weren't even registered with the team at the time of our last ranking. Kutztown's Tim Acker, Temple's Chase Habestroh, Delaware's Glen Thommes and former Blue Hen Pat Mullarkey are all with the defending Mid-Atlantic Champs. With that strengthened lineup, Schuylkill impressively won in Harrisburg, Pa. on the weekend.

We also bumped Glendale ahead of Middlesex because of the Savages' drop in the Northeast standings. It's awful hard to imagine that there are three teams in the Northeast better than the second-place team in the West.

Rnk Prev
1 1 Chicago Lions
2 2 Belmont Shore
3 Unr. Milwaukee
4 13 Old Aztecs
5 6 SFGG
6 3 1823
7 4 Kansas City Blues
8 5 Santa Monica
9 7 Old Puget Sound Beach
10 Unr. Long Island
11 12 Old Blue
12 10 Schuylkill River
13 9 Rocky Gorge
14 11 Glendale
15 8 Middlesex
16 14 WE Rugby
17 15 Wisconsin
18 16 NOVA
19 18 Maryland Exiles
20 19 Dallas Harlequins
21 20 OMBAC
22 21 Denver Barbarians
23 22 Titan RFC
24 23 Sacramento Lions
25 24 Chicago Griffins