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It's been two weeks since we last ranked college 7s teams, and that delay is telling in a number of ways.

First off, it helps us illustrate how drastically things can change week-to-week. This week, Lindenwood drops because they didn't do well in a relatively informal tournament that included Arkansas State, Davenport, and Oklahoma. But Lindenwood were without their best player. Still, we have to penalize them a little. Likewise, had we ranked teams last week, Dartmouth, which lost to Yale in a tournament the weekend before, would have been penalized even though they played without their best player, and a few others, besides.

But because we skipped last week, Dartmouth ends up not moving, sitting pretty at #7.

The top seven teams don't change, although we have a slight shift as Cal, which looked very good in beating a strong field in the PAC 7s, edges St. Mary's, which won against a weaker field at the California 7s. It's six of one or half-a-dozen of the other, really, between the two, and Life, UCLA, Central Washington, and Dartmouth are all close behind.

Navy moves up to #8 after they won the ACRL in impressive fashion.

BYU won another tournament, and it's getting time to acknowledge that the Cougars might actually concoct a pretty useful VII when they put a mind to it.

Cal Poly stays at #10, while Lindenwood, Davenport, and Oklahoma clump together because they are relatively close. Nationals will figure these three out.

Air Force follows BYU up, while San Diego State, by virtue of getting to the final of the California 7s, moves up. Oregon State, which showed well at PAC without their best player, move up, also.

Next come teams that won tournaments, even if those tournaments weren't considered strong - Arkansas, Auburn, and Penn. MTSU is a sleeper at nationals and you should watch out for them.

The field is rounded out by teams that played a good team close, or finished high enough in a good tournament. Teams like Colorado, Colorado State, Texas, LSU, and Cal State Long Beach drop out for much the same reasons, or, in the case of Kutztown, Penn State, and Wisconsin, they have not been playing 7s.

Men College 7s Rankings Nov. 14 2013
Now Before Team Notes
1 1 Arkansas State
2 3 Cal Won PAC Conference 7s
3 2 St. Mary's Won California 7s
4 4 Life 2nd at SIRC, lost to ASU (4)
5 5 UCLA 2nd at PAC 7s
6 6 Central Washington
7 7 Dartmouth Won Ivy League
8 11 Navy Won ACRL
9 14 BYU Won Rocky Mountain 7s
10 10 Cal Poly
11 9 Lindenwood
12 16 Davenport
13 13 Oklahoma
14 17 Air Force
15 21 San Diego State Final California 7s
16 22 Oregon State 3rd in PAC Conference 7s
17 24 Arkansas
18 23 Auburn Won SCRC 7s
19 Unr Penn Won City 6
20 Unr Middle Tennessee State 3rd in SIRC
21 Unr Arizona State
22 Unr North Texas
23 Unr Santa Clara Competitive in California 7s
24 Unr Virginia Tech Pushed Navy at ACRL
25 Unr Florida 2nd at SCRC