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So there have been a few growing pains in these HS rankings, as evidenced by the fact that two teams drop out entirely because they are (just imagine our surprise) Single-School teams!

We figure, given that all the teams in boys rugby now use high-schoolers exclusively, we might end up merging these rankings at the end of the season, and going forward.

These teams play each other all the time anyway.

Once again, if you think we messed up, let us know at [email protected]

Note that some teams just starting their seasons have not been ranked, yet. They will be.

The big changes come at the top. TRYBE beat United 36-19, and move up as a result. Colorado Springs did what we expected, and essentially negated their early loss to Cherry Creak (when they were minus some players) with an excellent result over a very good East HS team. And Cathedral beat previous #5 Westerville 29-0.

Cathedral jumps up to #1, Springs to #2. #1 Lamorinda is a fine side, and had a productive trip to Argentina (two close losses), and shouldn't take the drop to #3 too hard.

Some big games this weekend: TRYBE v. Snow Canyon, Red Mountain v. Tempe, Trojans v. Alpharetta.

Still a lot of rugby to be played. Boys HS Club Top 25 Apr 12 2012
1 2 Cathedral (Ind.) Beat Westerville 29-0
2 7 Colorado Springs (Colo.) Beat East HS 49-7
3 1 Lamorinda (Calif.) Toured Argentina, close losses.
4 3 Golden Gate (Calif.) Second to Lamorinda in Bay South
5 13 TRYBE (Utah) Beat United 36-19
6 4 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.)
7 6 Cherry Creek (Colo.) Beat Colorado Springs earlier, then lost to East
8 9 Red Mountain (Ariz.) 117-0 over WestValley
9 5 Westerville (Ohio) Lost to Cathedral 29-0
10 10 United (Utah) Lost to TRYBE
11 11 Barbarians (Ore.) 45-10 over N. Clackamas
12 12 Marin (Calif.) Unbeaten in league
13 14 Naples (Fla.)
14 15 West Shore United (Pa.)
15 16 Bulls (Ore) Unbeaten in league
16 17 Chuckanut (Wash.) Unbeaten in league
17 18 Islanders (Calif.) Unbeaten in Sacramento league
18 19 Union County (NJ)
19 20 Granite Bay (Calif.) Lost to Islanders, beat everyone else
20 21 Charlotte Tigers (NC)
21 22 Back Bay (Calif.) Beat Belmont Shore
22 23 South Bay (Calif.) Close loss to Back bay
23 24 Liberty (Wash.) Close loss to Chuckanut
24 25 Tempe (Ariz.) 2nd in Arizona
25 26 White Station (Tenn)
26 27 Plano (Tex)
27 29 The Woodlands (Tex.)
28 Unr Kona Bulls Won Hawaii State Title
29 30 Farragut (Tenn) 50-14 over Bearden
30 31 Alliance (Tex.)
31 32 Storm (Tenn)
32 35 South Doyle (Tenn) 50-0 over Powell
33 Unr South Hills (Pa) Undefeated
34 Unr LA Cougars (Calif) Undefeated
35 Unr Mustangs (Calif) Undefeated
36 Unr Mongoose (Ida.) Undefeated
37 Unr Trojans (Ga.)
38 Unr Alpharretta Phoenix (Ga)