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After careful consideration, we put Dixon in the #1 spot, up from #6. Here's our explanation of how we figured the top 15 or so:

Dixon beat everyone they played, including Xavier, who went on to beat our previous #1, Gonzaga. Dixon's only loss was a one-point loss to Jesuit, a team they had beaten earlier. This is not uncommon in Northern California, where Jesuit once won a national title after losing two league games and almost missing the playoffs.

Jesuit of Sacramento, having beaten Dixon once and obviously being close, take #2. Jesuit did not attend the national invitational because of an internal ban by their administration.

Greenwich didn't apply for the national invitational because they didn't know about it. That doesn't negate the fact they, too, are unbeaten, and defeated Xavier.

Herriman also didn't make the invitational. They are a relatively new single-school team, but have beaten a variety of highly-regarded HS club teams, which is why they get ranked at #4. Herriman is a tough one, they could have been ranked lower, but we felt this was the right place for them.

Xavier drops down only because Dixon and Jesuit move up. They beat St. Thomas and Gonzaga, but lost to Dixon.

Now we come to the tough ones:
St. Edward won the Midwest. In doing so they beat Brownsburg, and then Notre Dame de La Salette. Notre Dame, in the semis, beat Penn 19-5. We can only go on the results. We have to look at this now and say that St. Edward is better than Brownsburg, and better than ND, who are better than Penn. We have to see it that way.

Gonzaga has to move below Xavier after losing to them, even though Gonzaga won between the two earlier in the year.

Penn tied Gonzaga. We don't credit Penn with a win over Gonzaga, because the win was from penalty kicks - that's how you decide who moves on in a tournament, but it has no bearing on who's better, in our opinion. So, we have to look at the overall results, and it's a tie. We could, in fact, opt to put Penn below Gonzaga - Gonzaga lost by ten to Xavier, who lost by 8 in a shortened game to Dixon. So we can reason Gonzaga is 18-26 points worse than Dixon. Penn lost to Dixon by 37. But with the fact we have direct results, we have to go with this.

St. Thomas is an excellent team, and kind of gets dumped partly because they weren't able to beat Gonzaga or Xavier early in the season.

Charlotte Catholic lost a close one, won a close one, and looked good beating St. Thomas Aquinas, so they fit in below Penn and above Aquinas.

Aquinas, for their part, lost to Xavier and Charlotte Catholic, but competitively, and beat Snow Canyon.

Brownsburg could be higher than 16, but there are several other very strong teams in there, too.

Several other teams could claim to be higher. Certainly if Charlotte Catholic is #11, couldn't Myers Park (who lost to them 9-0) be 12 or 13? Certainly. It's all very close, as evidenced by most of the national invitational scores. We're pretty sure we got #1 right, and #2 and #3. After that ... well let's just say it's been an interesting year. Boys Single-School HS Rankings May 24, 2012
Crnt Prev Team Notes
1 6 Dixon (Calif) 20-10 over Snow Canyon (8), 20-12 over Xavier (4), 48-11 over Penn (18)
2 6 Sacramento Jesuit (Calif) 54-12 over Wilson (10)
3 3 Greenwich (Conn.) 11-0 on season
4 2 Herriman In playoffs
5 4 Xavier (NY) 21-10 over St. Thomas (12), 12-20 to Dixon (6), 17-7 over Gonzaga (1)
6 14 St. Edward (Ohio) Midwest champs
7 1 Gonzaga (DC) 14-7 over Brownsburg (20), 8-8 Penn, lost 7-17 to Xavier (4)
7 18 Penn (Ind) 10-3 over Charlotte Catholic (16), 8-8 Gonzaga (1), 11-48 to Dixon (6)
9 17 Notre Dame de La Salette (Ill.) 2nd in Midwest
10 5 St. Thomas (Tex) Texas Champs
11 16 Charlotte Catholic (NC) 3-10 to Penn (18), 11-10 over Brownsburg (20), 36-19 over St. Thomas Aquinas (12)
12 12 St. Thomas Aquinas (Kan) 10-21 to Xavier (4), 14-10 over Snow Canyon (8), 19-36 to Charlotte Catholic (16)
13 8 Snow Canyon (Utah) 10-20 to Dixon (6), 10-14 to St. Thomas Aquinas (12),
14 13 Chapin Won South over Trojans
15 9 Perry Street Pride (DC)
16 10 Wilson HS (Calif) Lost 54-12 to Jesuit (6)
17 20 Brownsburg (Westside) (Ind) 7-14 Gonzaga (1), 10-11 Charlotte Catholic (16)
18 Unr Myers Park (NC) 16-10 over NO Jesuit (19) in South final
19 27 St. Gregory's (Pa) Defeated Burrell (14), St.  Joe's (28) for state title
20 37 DesMet (Mo.) State champs
21 11 East HS (Colo)
22 18 Reynold Raiders (Ore.) 40-5 over Canby for Oregon title
23 20 Edina (Minn) Beat STMA
24 19 New Orleans Jesuit (La.) 10-16 to Myers Park for South title
25 21 McQuaid (NY)
26 22 Greenville Red Raiders (SC)
27 40 Brother Rice (Ill.) Undefeated in Illinoios
28 23 Dallas Jesuit (Tex)
29 24 Westlake (Texas) 2nd in Texas
30 Unr Minnetonka (Minn) 5-1 in Minn.
31 26 Cathedral (Calif)
32 Unr Ravenwood (Tenn) Won State title
33 28 St. Joseph's (Pa) Defeated Bishop Shanahan, lost to St. Gregory's (27) in state playoffs
34 Unr Father Ryan (Tenn) lost 6-5 to Ravenwood in state final
35 29 St. Igantius (Ohio)
36 15 Cumberland Valley (Pa) Lost to St. Joe's (28) in playoffs
37 Unr St. John's Prep (Mass.) Won State Cup
38 31 Edmonds (Okla.)
39 32 Capital HS, (Ida.)
40 Unr BC High (Mass) 2nd in State
41 34 Jenks (Okla.)
42 14 Burrell (Pa) Lost to St. Gregory's (27), Bishop Shanahan in playoffs
43 35 Bixby (Okla.)
44 36 St. Louis U. HS (Mo.)
45 Unr Bishop Shanahan (Pa) Lost to St. Gregory's (27) twice, bt. Burrell (14)
46 Unr Bellarmine Prep (Calif)
47 Unr West Ottawa (Ill)
48 Unr Dexter (Mich)
49 Unr Unionville (Pa)
50 Unr Torrey Pines (Cal)