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Spirit of veteran of rugby

Your skin wrinkles, your hair becomes white, days turn into years.

But what’s most important doesn’t change. Your strength, your conviction have no age, your spirit is the feather duster of any web.

Behind every line of arrival, there is a line of departure.

Behind every achievement, there is another challenge. Meanwhile while you are alive, feel alive.

If you miss the things you did, do them again. Do not live watching photos turn yellow.

Keep going although they all think you will let go. Do not let what lives inside you become rusty.

Make them respect you instead of having pity for you. As you get older and you can not run, then trot. When you can no longer trot, then walk. And when you can not walk then use a cane, but never stop.

There are those who carry lucky charms, those that look up to heaven searching for a way and those that believe in superstitions.

And then there are those who keep running when their legs feel heavy, keep playing when they have run out of air, and keep fighting when everything seems lost, as if each time was the last.

Convinced that life itself is a challenge. they suffer but they do not complain, because they know that pain will happen, that sweat dries off, that weariness ends, but there is something that will never disappear: the satisfaction of having tried it.

In their bodies there is the same quantity of muscles. In their veins run the same quantity of blood. What makes them different is their spirit.

Their determination to reach the summit. A summit that is not reached by be being better then others but by bettering oneself.

Do not lose the opportunity to feel unrepeatable sensations, unique sensations, those that we have been discovering since we came to our club and those that we incorporate for the rest of our lives.