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Dear Rugby Magazine Subscriber:

As you may well have noticed, the publishing world has encountered many challenges in the last few years, and those challenges have not eluded Rugby Magazine.

Despite the growth of this great game and Rugby Magazine’s undisputed role in that growth, we have not seen PRINT subscriptions increase in similar proportion.

In this increasingly challenging time for print media, we have decided that, beginning with the summer issue, due in late August,we will distribute Rugby Magazine in a digital-only format.

The Magazine will be laid out in the same way you have seen before, and continue to include the outstanding writing and coverage you are used to. We simply will not be printing it on paper.

Instead, Rugby Magazine will be available online at and can be accessed through computer, tablet or smart phone. Only subscribers to’s Premier section will be able to access it.

As an existing print subscriber, you will have a Premier subscription activated in time for the next issue of the magazine. That subscription will run through the end of your original print subscription.

Your username is the initial of your first name and your last name, all in one word and lower case (John Smith would be: jsmith). Your password is your Rugby Magazine account number. You can find this on the address label of this letter, or on the top left-hand corner of the address label of your last issue.

If you cannot access your account, please go here and let us know. Sometimes it’s because we had to assign you a different username.

While we expect many new subscribers to come to the magazine now that it is digital, and many subscribers will prefer it this way, I realize this development is not for everyone. We have set up a page on our website for subscribers to ask questions or voice concerns.

If you have anything you’d like to discuss with us, please go here and send us a note.

Thank you for supporting Rugby Magazine, and I hope you enjoy the new chapter in our story.

Alex Goff
Rugby Magazine and
Write me at: 11 Martine Ave, 8th Floor, White Plains, NY 10606
E-mail me at: [email protected]