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The USA All Americans program is expected to name its 7s team to compete in the 2011 National All-Star Championships in the next few days.

Head Coach Alex Magleby, who was captain of the USA 7s team before he retired to coach, and who also coached Dartmouth to the CRC championship, has worked closely with USA 7s team coach Al Caravelli to identify players with 7s potential.

What that means is, it’s likely we will see players on the team who did not participate in the recent All American 15s assembly.

Among the more obvious names is Rocco Mauer. The MVP of the 2010 CRC when he led the tournament in tries, Mauer missed most of the 2010-2011 15s season with a shoulder injury. But he is back and has been playing 7s with the Chicago Lions this summer.

It’s likely Peter Tiberio, who has been capped at 7s this season, will also be on the list.

Magleby told that he expects to pick some players who weren’t with the 15s team.

“We want to get players in there that the national team coach wants to see,” Magleby said. “Our job is to see how they respond in that environment and pass that information to the national team coach. Hopefully we move them along and develop them, so he doesn’t necessarily have to develop the in an assembly.”