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Obviously, the men’s team has a new coach to hire, and the process is moving on. Applicants are in and will be undergoing interviews this coming week. No details yet on who has applied, although has heard of some who have expressed a strong interest.

Regardless of who gets picked, the new coach should be installed in time for the team’s re-assembly at the end of the summer club 7s season.

The squad of players that coach will be working with will undergo a few changes, but just a few. Expect some of the veterans to perhaps move on, and one or two players to make a change based on their priorities.

The core of the 2012-2013 team, which Alex Magleby worked into a pretty successful unit, will return, and there will be several additions at the end of the summer.

Meanwhile there will be no coaching change with the women – Ric Suggitt returns – but there will certainly be changes in the players. Some will likely retire from regular international duty, and others will be replaced – perhaps with crossovers. What the women’s team has not done is target athletes from other sports. Already Suggitt has held one tryout that included several players from other sports, and he will be holding another.

With so many athletes at the Olympic Training Center in a variety of sports, it’s inevitable that some will conclude their Olympic dream won’t be realized in their original sport. Expect to see a steady stream of soccer players, team handball players, runners, and volleyball players get a chance with the Eagles in the next few years.