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USA wing James Paterson has almost fulfilled his suspension for using an unapproved painkiller, and has officially moved to Colorado.

Paterson was suspended by the IRB after he was given Oxycodone for pain related to an injury during the Rugby World Cup. Team doctors did not clear the use with the IRB, and Paterson was suspended for four months. He is free to play after February 13.

The former Super 15 player has since decided to move back to Colorado, where he played high school rugby, and work for his father, Jon, who runs a multinational business in Colorado Springs, where he also coaches rugby.

Paterson will work with the Colorado Springs U19 team, and be employed with his father’s company. According to the elder Paterson, James will continue to be available for the USA. His club playing plans are not clear.

Interestingly, USA lock John van der Giessen has also signed on with John Paterson’s company.